Muslim prayer beads ??? Looking like rosary

In Seattle recently the Muslim population is growing in leaps and bounds and I have noticed hanging from their rear view mirrors a beaded circle that looks almost identical to a rosary without the cross it literally has what looks like 5 decades and 3+1 beads hanging from the “decades” without a cross. Does anyone have any insight? I am 100% sure these people are Muslim

It’s probably this you saw:-

In Islam, prayer beads are referred to as Misbaha, Tasbih or Sibha and contain 99 beads, corresponding to the Names of God in Islam. Sometimes only 33 beads are used, in which case one would cycle through them three times. The beads are traditionally used to keep count while saying the prayer known as the “Tasbih of Fatimah”, which was a form of prayer offered as a gift by Muhammad to his daughter, which is recited as follows: 33 times “Subhan Allah” (Glory be to God), 33 times “Al-hamdu lilah” (Praise be to God), and 34 times “Allahu Akbar” (God is the greatest). It is highly recommended to recite this prayer after the daily five ritual prayers.

God bless.

That might have been what I saw

Lots of religions have prayer beads. When I visited a Buddhist temple they sold all sorts in their gift shop.

A number of religions use prayer beads not just Catholics.

Yes that’s what you saw more than likely. I went with a friend that was going for his citizenship in Atlanta and while he was taking his test I was sitting with a muslim man that was actually quite rude honestly and voicing his displeasure in a loud voice if they did not give his sister her American citizenship. He pulled out his beads and began reciting prayers. I pulled out my Rosary and also began praying. His beads looked like those pictured.

I’m sorry, but I imagine you two were doing a tough war in prayers. :smiley:

I’m not sure about this, as my memory may be a little rusty. However I remember talking to a priest early in my Catholic transition, and asked about the Rosary and Rosary beads.

He replied that it was a form of prayer known as a mantra, and that he thought we inherited the beads system from the Moslems.

So they may have been using them as part of their prayer tradition before us.

Which means they probably also have mantra type prayers, where the beads are required to keep track of where they’re at.

Nothing new in counting devices - even cricket umpires use them to keep track of balls, overs and wickets.

That’s all the beads really are - nothing particularly holy about them.

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