Muslim School publically Funded

Yep, in Minnesota, apparently there is a publically funded school that teaches Islamic Studies, etc. Read on and comment.

Somewhere there is a thread on this very issue.:slight_smile: I know, I posted one it.

If the “eyewitess” testimony is correct, there seems to be more than enough grounds for the state to investigate and possibly pull the funding.

However, I do know from my experiennce here in Ohio that these laws are often complicated and it may take some time.


sigh. If I could only find a publicly funded Catholic school for my kids!

sigh. If I could only find a publicly funded Catholic school for my kids!

I’m all for the school voucher program.

You mean publicly funded with tax payers money? What ever happened to the Church and state seperation thing? Oh, it’s only used when it pertains to Christianity. How stupid of me.
Didn’t Minnesota elect a wrestler as Gov? That explains everything.

Anything goes in that state. The principal of the this school explained that he did not fly the U S flag over the school(required by law in Minn.) because he didn’t know how to work the flagpole! For five years!! And the state evidently bought it!! You got to love liberals…Roanoker

There is in principle nothing wrong with a class in Islamic Studies, just as there is nothing wrong with a class on Catholic theology, or the Bible, etc. It’s certainly a legitimate area of instruction. As with similar sensitive subjects, however, great care must be taken so that students are not subject to proselytizing. If the article is correct, this school has gone far over the line.

I would also have to seriously question whether any of the subjects I named are appropriate for K-8 students in a public school.

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