Muslim Seeks Contraceptives at PP


I was out in front of Planned Parenthood (PP) yesterday where a friend of mine spoke with a Muslim woman going in to get contraception. She said that she is permitted to use contraceptives for a short time in between children. Do all Muslims believe this? If so, there may be hope that God won’t allow them to take over the world.

My friend discussed with her the abortifacient action of hormonal contraceptives and about NFP. I have no love for the Muslim faith but out of love for that Muslim woman we had to give her the truth.


Check out average family sizes in Turkey and Islamic Republic Of Iran. I used to have a link to the CIA factbook which gave the details but, for some reason, the factbook site seems to be inaccessible at the moment.

Basically, they’re both at replacement level.


I frequently encountered Muslims going to PP for contraception when I lived in a large city and sidewalk counseled there.

While large families are encouraged, I do not believe contraception is directly forbidden in Islam. Perhaps a Muslim will come on this thread and give more info.

And, I think all immigrants are impacted by the culture into which they immigrate-- and Turkey has been secular for several generations just like Egypt. Iran is facing severe ecomonic depression-- I’ve read a couple of articles (Newsweek or Time maybe) about how their population is declining so fast because women don’t want to have babies if they are going to grow up to face 30% unemployment and shortages of goods.


As far as I am aware Muslims are permitted to use contraceptives to ‘‘space out’’ the children and not have them born too close together, but are not allowed to use contraceptives to completely stop having children. It is a ‘‘practical reason’’. I am not saying I agree with the practice, merely stating what I know on the subject.


Christians are not allowed to use it either; however most of them in PP are christian. And the point of your post is?


to the OP,

Reread your post. Do you really mean to come off as HOPING this muslim woman will use ABC indefinately?? Think that through a bit. As catholics, just as we know we cannot COMMIT an evil act with the hope that good will come of it, I don’t think we can APPROVE OF or hope for another to commit an evil act out of hope that good will come of it.

Instead, I suggest that if we speak to ALL people about the catholic understanding of sexuality and why ABC is a violence against our God-given sexuality, we will be witnesses to the truth and planting a seed in the hearts of those to whom we speak.


:thumbsup: LOL

I was just thinking the same thing! Why in the world would you hope they would sin? Well…I guess in a worldly way, I DO get that thinking.


Are you serious? :rotfl:


I hope not.


Real Christians don’t use contraceptives. The use of contraceptive is a mortal sin.


RIGHT! :rolleyes:

So why is the birth rate of catholics so low?
And why would a honorable catholic be working/in/ or around/ in a family planing unit?


I don’t want my children to live under Muslim rule. But this may very well be God’s will since we have not been faithful and generous to life. All people should honor God and the sexuality He designed. Any organization that is not faithful to Natural Law in the area of re-production will not survive. I see Muslims adopting this principle as a sign of their inevitable decline but it is not a desire for them to sin.


Because most “Catholics” are not Catholic.


Muslim’s taking over the world? They are not taking over the world.

I have some friends who are Ismaeli (sp?). They have no restrictions on birth control.


What ever they are doing in our country is their business not ours.

Was she a christian? Or just getting assistances.

Tell us more of the story of PP because I have not read much about it.

Now if they are nationalists and the children are not going to be born american, there is so much loopholes in the system so maybe some can tell me how it all affects them.


You said your friend discussed it with her about BC not allowed

Is this a clinic that does abortions?


Family size does not equate to contraception. My husband and I have no children. We do not now use, nor have we ever used, contraception.

You do not understand the OP’s post? The OP was outside Planned Parenthood as a sidewalk counselor. That is a person who gives out information to people who are going to PP for abortions or contraception. ** The sidewalk counselor tries to counsel women NOT to have abortions. **

That is what an honorable Catholic is doing outside PP.

Sidewalk counselors pray outside PP for the conversion of hearts and souls.


What are you talking about? This post makes absolutely no sense. Please clarify what you are talking about here.


PP is Planned Parenthood, an abortion mill. We don’t think they were doing abortions yesterday. I don’t think they do at all on Wednesday evenings. Most of the women going in, the one’s that would talk to us said they were going in for contaceptives. The young lady who spoke with the Muslim women was pretty friendly and effective. I really think the Muslim women may have been interested in Natural Family Planning. We need some more material on that to hand out when PP isn’t killing.


Well what are muslims or islams doing in our country?

If they are working here and having children here are their children that are born here americans?

If they are nationalists are we supporting them with this type of health care? I don’t know much about these clinics.

I’m wondering how this thing all comes about.

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