Muslim Skull-Cap/Yamulke?

A Muslim customer came to my bank today. He had a white skull cap on. It was larger than a Jewish Yamulke, yet smaller than most hats, since I could still see his hair.

What is this head gear? Also, is there any particular reason why he’d be wearing it now? (i.e. holidays, fasting) I’ve seen him at the bank before, and this is the first time I’ve seen him with it on.

Was it this?


Muslims headgear for men functions nearly similar as Jewish headgear . Although Muslims wear it a bit less often. Many Muslims wear it in the house or on the way to or from a Mosque, while prayer etc…

Some Muslims wear it always. depending on observance . I would rule out any alterior motive behind him wearing a skullcap and going to the bank.

My advice to you as a muslim is to treat any religious item as if it doesnt exist . Muslims don’t expect you to praise nor to frown upon the religious items they wear. Just be neautral . Sometimes soem muslim women wear full face veil. If you need to check their identity then you can do so if you are a female , and in the privacy of other females only.

best regards to you in your career


Yes, it was one of the white ones. Thank you.

Yeah, I know who he is, so there’s no need to check identity. I was just wondering if he was wearing the headware for a particular reason.

Why not visit the Traditional forum here and ask about women’s headcoverings?

I see no reason to ask about headcoverings as a christian. It’s totally biblical. Or so writes Paul.


The head coverings familiar to a 1st-century Hellenic Jew cum Early Christian are not the same head coverings worn by 21st-century American Muslim.

Ehh, disregard the question mark. I know you were taking a pot shot at Paul and traditionalist Catholics, but you could at least have made some sense about it.

It did not surprise me that he was wearing a head covering.

I only wondered if he might be wearing it for a specific reason (since all the previous times I’ve seen him over the past 4-5 months, he’s come in bare-headed.)

So the style of the headcovering matters?

That is specifically part of the question that Madaglan asked. Would you expect conservative Catholics to be experts on Muslim fashion?

NO! no!:eek: Not that. Anything but that!

Why is this such a huge issue?

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