Muslim teacher demonstrates how a man should BEAT women with a stick

[quote=] Muslim teacher demonstrates how a man should BEAT women with a stick and says that husband’s violence towards his wife is a 'beautiful blessing’

Muslim men are allowed to hit their wives if they disobey them and domestic violence is a ‘beautiful blessing’, according to the women’s branch of a radical Islamic group.

Sydney primary school teacher Reem Allouche told the women’s arm of hardline political group Hizb ut-Tahrir that men are permitted to hit women with sticks.

During the 30-minute discussion at a meeting in Sydney’s west, Ms Allouche and fellow panellist Atika Latifi - who are both wearing headscarves - describe how beating women is a ‘symbolic act’.

At one point they even demonstrated how to use a small stick called a ‘sivaak’ to hit ‘disobedient’ women.

In a video of the debate, which has been posted on Facebook, Ms Allouche says men should use the sivaak to punish their wives.

She then uses one of the sticks to hit Ms Latifi while the pair laugh.

Other permissible methods to punish women involve using a twisted scarf or piece of fabric, the women say.

Ms Allouche says the act is ‘symbolic’, while Ms Latifi claims it’s ‘a beautiful blessing’.

The pair agree that men have the right to beat their wives because husbands take a ‘leadership’ position within the family.

‘It goes hand in hand that he would have the right to undertake disciplinary measures,’ Ms Allouche says.

These are teachers, lecturers, who teach our children.

Wonder what our “Women libs” will say about this.

They’re two-faced. The only men they attack are the ones who surrender without a fight.

As an aside:
An elderly lady who always wears a dress, and a scarf over her hair, told me a couple of years ago that she was walking along a footpath (sidewalk) in Lakemba where that meeting was held. A middle-aged Muslim male, presumably mistaking her for a Muslim, accosted her and said: “Keep your eyes to the ground, woman!”.
Confounded hide!!! :mad:
Good thing i wasn’t anywhere around!

I hope I never have to live in a Muslim country. I also hope Sharia law never comes where I live. Scary!

They will not say anything. They only care about “misogyny” when it is done by a straight white guy.

Lets have the entire report shall we.
With an accurate report.

"Ms Latifi adds “Striking should be done in such a way as not to cause harm or pain. It’s a symbolic act.”

"Ms Latifi concurs, saying the husband is “permitted – not obliged, not encouraged – but permitted, to hit her”.
“That is what everyone is talking about. It should not cause pain. Not harsh,” she says.

The women then discuss what sort of implements might be used to dole out punishment, Ms Allouche producing a pen-sized stick used to clean teeth called a “sivaak”.

“Muslim men are permitted to “strike” their women with a small stick or handkerchief, “provided it does not cause pain”, according to a new video released from the women’s branch of the radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir.”

“It’s symbolic,” she says.

Another woman in the video, Atika Latifi, adds, “And it’s a blessing.”

Discussing one of the passages of the Koran that concerns women, the Sura An-Nisa, Ms Allouche says that the leadership position allows, “that he would have the right to undertake disciplinary measures”.

Where on earth do these women condone domestic violence and say

"Muslim men are allowed to hit their wives if they disobey them and domestic violence is a ‘beautiful blessing’, according to the women’s branch of a radical Islamic group. "?

Daily mail co uk should be absolutely ashamed. Did its reporters think they would get away with twisting that way out of context?

Note it should not cause pain, the siavaak is the size of a pen, it is symbolic.

Women doing it to each other is one thing, but would they be so happy to have the ‘sivaak’ used on them for real by a male??? I suspect not!!!


Yes, it’s important to read everything before we blame a group of people.

However, if my future husband ever tried to symbolically beat me…I would literally beat him, lol. I will never understand the idea that husbands have authority over wives, but it’s there in almost every culture and religion, including catholicism, smh.

Feminists are obviously against this nonsense too, but they are not against islam. Their response is usually along the lines of “we are against domestic violence but we don’t support demonizing Muslims in general/that’s the wrong interpretation of Islam blah blah”. Is this really shocking lol? Do anyone of you go outside? Or go to websites that are more liberal at least…?

The Muslim religion is a sick religion…they need Jesus!

Yep, that original link that goes with this thread, posted by Reubenj was quite inaccurate, or better said, given to gross exaggeration in this case. In the wake of the domestic violence campaigns and issues in Australia - one woman a week is murdered by her partner/ex partner,
this report is trvializing the issue, and taking focus away from the real problems associated with domestic violence.
Domestic violence is an issue across all ethnic groups in Australia. No one ethnic group, majority or minority, has a monopoly on domestic violence here.

Demonise Muslims in this context introduces demonising Muslim victims of real domestic violence.

You wont find domestic violence outdoors, its hidden , inside, behind closed doors.

And yes, as per Ephesians
Which kind of blows the ‘ism’ feminism out of the water.

Maybe the fans of 50 Shades of Gray would like it.

That is because they do not believe in equality of roles in marriage, but rather that the man is the head of the house. So such an action, even symbolic, would be seen as perverse.

I have to agree with the above post that this article is rather twisted. Why not simply post what is really happening and allow people to make up their own mind?

I have one more thought. Often times such structure, while it may seem strange to us, can be a method of controlling more severe behavior. Thinking back on the first legal code where we had and eye for an eye, while it seems harsh today, was actually implemented to restrict more severe retaliation. In the context of the article, if a symbolic act prevents greater violence, I can see where it might work.

that makes it so much better. :rolleyes:

Muslims already have Jesus. He’s mentioned in the Qur’an and is considered to be one of their greatest prophets.

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