Muslim to Catholic?

Is there any former Muslims here who have made that jump? I’m considering it, and if all my research continues matching up I most likely will.

May God Bless you on your journey.

I would be curious what aspects of the Catholic or Christian faith have provided the strongest pull?

Hi Lucy26 & prayers for you on your journey!

I don’t know about anyone here on the forums, but here’s someone you might find inspiring:

On March 23, 2008, Magdi Cristiano Allam was offered the baptism during the Vatican’s 2008 Easter Vigil service in St. Peter’s Basilica presided over by Pope Benedict XVI

Keep up the research; I know it will lead you to the right place! :thumbsup:

A man I know, grew up in Iran and was imprisoned there for his belief in freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and freedom to contradict the Iranian government. I believe he was imprisoned for over a year.

He came to the U.S. as a political refugee. He became a Christian through the Berean Church but has since moved on to another denominaiton. I noticed the last time I was at his home that he was reading a book about St. Augustine.

i am a former muslim

but notcatholic yet i must wait for a while

i will pray for you so you can be part of the catholic church( jesus christ church) and join god big family

Arabic catholic, welcome to the forum. What inspired you to become Catholic? Your answer might help Lucy. Praise be to the Lord Jesus for your journey to the truth

i will try to short my story

there are three major things

1- why i left islam

2- why i chose christ

3- why i want to be catholic

well its start with a word

a year ago when michael jackson died i remember i pray for him because i was sad but my friends told me you cant pray for a died infidel he is in hell and praying for a dead infidel is against our religion

and they were very mad because i only said ((god bless his soul)) and that made me think why many muslims hate others

i said to my self is it islam or is it us that we did not understand it ? it was clear that it is from islam

you can see it in the holy quran 9:113 were it said you cant pray for mercy fot the infidel

so i start to lose faith because islam is against my nature and i know that i was not born to hate others but love them

then i did discover many mistakes in the quran and hadith and many hate passages

so i ask god to help me and let me know the truth because i believe in god but islam does not give me peace

i did not want to be christian because islam teach that christians are praying to three gods

but i could feel the holy spirit saying to my soul give christ a chance, and after understanding who is jesus christ and what is his story and why he was crucified i start to fell in love with him :blush:

so i pray to god and ask him if christ is you prove it to me

and he did !! it take me long time to accept him as my saviour which i did in 9/22/2010

i did not care what will happen to me because it is a big crime to leave islam in my country

i felt sorry for all those years where i was living a lie

and i felt my soul is having a connection with god ! it was the best feeling i have ever felt

but than i need to be away from my muslim friends for some time because i want to know more about christ so i said to my self i need to join the church so i can share my faith with others

so i ask the arab christians who are praising the bible on the intenet and trying to convert muslims (70% of them are protestant - 30% orthodox) what is the diffrent between the churchs and why there is catholic and orthodox and protestant ?

some told me they are all the same it’s only a diffrent style !! that answer did not help… many are against the traditional churchs and they told me catholics are the road to hell and they are doing crazy stuff that is not in the bible

and many of those pastors told me dont join the catholic church it will may destroy your salvation

but i was not convinced by what they were saying i must search my self because i have not seen any arabic catholic yet

so i pray to god and start to read about the history of christianity and the church and i realize that the catholic church have the full truth and the catholic church every thing they do and teach is biblical and the first christians were practising it , not only that! the catholic church wrote the bible and chose the four gospels becuase they are matching what the Apostles praise .

and the catholics have very strong position about thier dogma more than any other church

it’s funny when you read martin luther who began all this and made the way for a 40 000 new church is saying

"If Christ had not entrusted all power to one man(the pope), the Church would not have been perfect because there would have been no order and each one would have been able to say he was led by the Holy Spirit. This is what the heretics did, each one setting up his own principle. In this way as many Churches arose as there were heads. Christ therefore wills, in order that all may be assembled in one unity, that His power be exercised by one man to whom He Himself commits it. He has, however, made this power so strong that He looses all the powers of Hell (without injury) against it. He says: “The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it” as though He said: “They will fight against it but never overcome it,” so it is in this way it is made manifest that this power is in reality from God and not from man. Wherefore, whoever breaks away from this unity and order of the power, let him not boast of great enlightenment and wonderful works, as our Picards and other heretics do, ‘for much better is obedience than to be the victims of fools who know not what evil they do

and after a year he start to call the pope anti christ !!

the catholic church will always have the full truth

i will trust a church that establish by christ himself not a church begin 400 or 100 years ago

i will trust a bible that contain 73 book who the Apostles praise and the holy spirit help to chose and it was there for centuries not the bible that was made by martin luther who remove 7 books .

and i will respect the authority of the church on that bible and the tradition that they took from the apostles and the church fathers

so after searching and reading i was sure that the catholic church has the keys of heaven

other churches have some of the truth but not all of it

that is my story :smiley:

arabic catholic,wonderful story. Welcome home.

I am a convert as well, I was protestant.

Arabic catholic, what a wonderful story and God bless. There is also something you should know, Jesus knows of your desire to become catholic, he knows what is in your heart. He also knows your in a situation where it is hard to convert at this point. All you have to do is pray to him and he knows your intentions, cause I’m on my iPhone and typing as slow as anything, when I get home I’ll explain how you can become catholic in this situation unless someone would be kind enough to do that answer for me in the next few hours.
God bless and welcome home

This is such a beautiful story. At the moment, I am reading your posts and they make me so happy, so please continue to share your stories :slight_smile: At the moment, I am praying for the conversion of my Muslim boyfriend. He is very open minded like you and doesn’t believe that God would allow the Bible to be corrupted and he will read it over Christmas :slight_smile:

Wow, Arabic Catholic! Praise God you’ve really opened yourself to understanding what the Catholic Church has been proclaiming for 2000 years. God bless you on your Journey to being Catholic.

Let me just add that the early Christians didn’t have a bible or book. They heard and believed the Truth passed down by the Apostles. I think you probably know that.

Praying for you and stay safe.


Great story Arabic Catholic,that is a perfect example of the Holy Spirit guiding one to the truth. God will greatly reward you in Heaven for that difficult journey in which most people choose not to do when threat of death to convert in Saudi Arabia.

Arabic Catholic,

God bless you and I also hope and pray that people here who come on to CAF to contest the Catholic Church, or those who have left it, will begin to see the Holy Spirit at work in you!

Thank you for all the responses! I really appreciate that. I’ll get to some individual questions that were asked in just a minute. I will say though that I am leaning more and more towards the Church… we (my husband and I) have been researching for awhile, as things began coming up in Islam that we have a hard time believing. We attended mass last night at a local church (we are both American)… and it was amazing. Nothing at all like what I was expecting, but at the same time I’m not sure what exactly I WAS expecting to begin with LOL. Every word out of the priest’s mouth was about loving others because God loves us… he spoke about a lot of things that are important in Islam as well- such as caring for the poor, the lonely, and the elderly- it’s interesting as we learn more to see how similar Roman Catholicism is to Islam. Obviously there are some big differences especially regarding how God views us and who exactly Jesus, may peace always be upon him, is- in Islam he is a prophet, a great prophet, but not the son of God, and the manner of dress for the women is also different. But there seem to be a lot of similarities as well that I keep noticing.

Thank you!

Arabic catholic, you are a beautiful person and God made you to be in His light and peace. I am glad you have joined the Catholic church. Many blessings of love, peace and happiness to you, my brother in Christ. Welcome home.
God Bless:thumbsup:

the freedom. I find Islam incredibly restrictive- we seem to be slaves of God rather than beloved children of God. It’s some little things as well… like the hadiths saying we should not have dogs. I have two dogs, a very large Great Pyrenees mix, and I have a little cocker spaniel. I do not believe they are dirty animals. They definitely have the potential to be, and they are pros at making messes. Last night my Pyr puppy (8 1/2 months old, about 85 lbs) emptied the trash can while I took a shower LOL. So yes, she can be messy, but she’s certainly not a dirty, vile animal. They both have lovely personalities, and are very loyal. I don’t understand why God would make an animal that is SUCH a perfect companion for us, then say that it is dirty and forbidden.

And the Islamic laws regarding adoption to me, are very outdated. I keep being told when I question anything that ‘If God wanted it to change, he would send other messengers’. My husband and I are struggling with infertility, we’ve been trying to conceive for over a year and a half. I can’t handle thinking that maybe God just didn’t want us to ever be parents. I don’t believe God wants orphans to be treated like a visiting guest in my home either. We can adopt but according to Islamic law the child cannot have our last name and cannot inherit from us. If we adopted an older child I would leave it up to the child as to whether they wanted to change their last name or not- I would not force it upon a child who has already lost so much. I think denying my name to a child in my care, whom I love as my own, is cruel if they want my name. I can’t take a child into my home and not treat him or her like family.

So when I started researching, I read about how Catholicism views adoption, and it made me curious. So I started reading more. It was those two things that really made me start researching more- they might be little things to someone else, but to me they are very important. Not to mention, Islam teaches that angels will not enter a home with a dog in it. But- and this might make me sound crazy LOL, but last year I fully believe that I saw an angel in my home- and, I had a dog in my home. I know that might make me sound crazy but I know I saw it, and I can still remember exactly what it looked like. So if angels could still be in my home with a dog, I started wondering what else might not be true. So now, I basically just have to decide if Jesus really is the son of God or if he is not. As I started researching the dog and the adoption issue more, it kept leading to other things- kind of like a snowball effect, if you will- that have led me to be, at this point, about 95 percent certain that the Roman Catholic Church has more truth than Islam does.

I hope that post makes sense… we are going to mass again today so I’m trying to type in a hurry lol. If anyone wants further explanation on anything let me know, I tried not to leave anything out but I might have.

Thank you so much!

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