Muslim v. Protestant view of Mary


Our priest told us today at Mass that Mary is mentioned more times in the Koran than in our Bible. From reading some of the Koran, I know Mary is revered, respected, and praised in many instances. Would you agree with me that it seems Mary is held in higher esteem by Muslims than by Protestant Christians? If so, that sure is sad. Any opinions? Thanks.


I would agree. I think Muslims also belive that Mary was a virgin her entire life where as many protestants do not. Jesus when refurred to in the Koran is always called The Son of Mary and the 19th sura of the Koran is named after her. In fact, when Mary appeared in Egypt it was to Christians and Muslims alike.


Any other opinions or views? How sad that folks who call themselves Christians don’t revere the Mother of Christ as highly as some non-Christians.


An Islamic community near Melbourne (Australia) names it’s place of worhip the Virgin Mary Mosque.

I wonder how many protestants name their church (or chapel etc) after Mary?


I’m totally clueless on this area…

what are the differences in their specific views if any???

so, even though muslims believe in her lifelong virginity and so in a miracle birth, they still don’t believe Jesus was divine…so some passages must be changed in their koran?

why do they revere her if they do not believe she is the mother of God?



I just thought of something that I should have added to my above post…

Back in 1952, before Islamic Terrorism reached our shores, Bishop Fulton Sheen had already shown interest and love for the muslims. In his book, The World’s First Love, he devoted a chapter to “Mary and the Moslems”. This was based on their attraction to Our Lady of Fatima. He noted that within the Islamic world, where Muslims have a certain admiration towards Our Lady, that Fatima is also the name of the favourite daughter of Muhammed (Islam’s lone messenger), and Muhammed regarded his daughter, Fatima, as the highest woman in Heaven after Our Lady.

Its true that Islam denies the Fatima miracles, as do Protestants, but it’s an interesting thought; Could Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, be our hope for Muslims?


that’s interesting… the rest of your post I mean…

I quoted the above just to say quickly that as far as i know we are free to choose whether we believe in any miracle

I can’t speak for other denominations, but just to remind you that no all protestants subscribe to this… they’re quite a vastly varying bunch lol

take care, S

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