Muslim woman asks a question and probably wishes she didn't


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“The peaceful majority were irrelevant…”

is another way of saying

*“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” *
Edmund Burke

(Her list of the irrelevant peaceful majorities was chilling, was it not? There, but for…??)


Brigette Gabriel is oh so good.


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This is pure Islamophobic bigotry. I’m ashamed to see Catholics supporting this garbage.

How many civilians has the United States slaughtered in the past 30 years in its unending wars of oppression against the Middle East and surrounding countries? How many civilians in the 30 years before that?

Let’s remove the log of war from our own eye before trying to remove the speck of “terrorism” from they eye of Muslims.



So I’m not missing something, what did she say that is Islamophobic bigotry?

Also, so I’m clear on the slaughter US committed you mentioned, what specifically are you referring to?


I’m going to give that a cautious :thumbsup:

The issue for me isn’t that the US is hypocritical in condemning Islamic terrorism, but that our government is causing innocent Muslims to suffer when they are already experiencing so much cruelty at the hands of their radicalized brethren.


I agree. I consider the bombing of Hiroshima and the use of Nepalm to be war crimes which have not been redressed sufficiently, if at all. America has a lot to answer for. Especially when she tries to defend those actions, which can never fall under the just war laws. If one believes incinerating children is justified, one ought to consider that one’s moral compass may not be pointing sufficiently North to allow one’s opinions on Muslims to be given any credence.


Not to derail this thread, but (and this is a very sincere question), what would have been your solution to the end of World War II if not for the use of the atomic bomb?

“Nobody is more disturbed over the use of Atomic bombs than I am but I was greatly disturbed over the unwarranted attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor and the murder of our prisoners of war. The only language they seem to understand is the one we have been using to bombard them. When you have to deal with a beast you have to treat him as a beast. It is most regrettable but nevertheless true.” -Harry Truman

Notice that Hirohito did not respond with great fear and distress after the Hiroshima bombing over the deaths of his people, but stonewalled for several more days and barely gave in after the Nagasaki bombing. In fact, he even tried to negotiate the terms of his surrender with “the understanding that the said declaration does not comprise any demand which prejudices the prerogatives of His Majesty as a Sovereign Ruler.”

If the war had continued, millions more American and Japanese lives would have been lost, and who knows how far East the Soviets would have gone.

As far as napalm, I agree that there were some atrocities committed on both sides in Vietnam, and I do not believe that we should have ever been in Vietnam in the first place. However, using napalm for a few years in one country and making mistakes in our brief history as a nation is a far cry from a complete 1400-year history of destructive expansion across the globe, the murder of millions of people for refusing to convert, and the untold horrors being perpetrated right now in the Middle East.

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:


The World News forum should probably be renamed the “Anything Goes” forum, seeing that opinion pieces, YouTube videos and even forum members’ queries are being accepted as thread starters. It’s a swamp that needs to be drained. :smiley:


I am more concerned with the millions of people that have been killed in the Middle East (Iraqis, in particular the Iraqi children, Syrians, Palestinians etc… also in Yemen, Lybia and Egypt, and the foreign fighters including the hundreds of Americans (some of whom were sacrificed by platoons being sent to areas contaminated with depleted uranium in Iraq without their knowledge and who died terrible deaths and whose children were born deformed - (you will not get that from the controlled media)) rather than the particular death of four Americans.

The woman can swing her neck all she wants and talk all she wants, but you cannot hide the sun with your thumb.

The author here Greg Felton presented his book in a Canadian library and walked away alive by the skin of his teeth.

The Heritage Fund, The Council of Foreign Relations and AIPAC just need to be shut down. International journalists are calling the Trump win a Coupe d’Etat from these people who have been controlling Washington. I don’t know how much Trump will be able to drain the swamp but having him there is a good step forward. I hope the American people regain control of the government and the use of the American military and power is stopped from being used to serve a foreign country and this to the detriment of the USA and her people. Drain the Swamp!


What about training and using their own children for suicide bombing??? I think the whole human race will have lots to answer for.!! God Bless, Memaw




Islam has had a longer history of violence and conquest beginning from the 5th century. Think of 1400 years of war and conquest, much longer than the existence of the US.

So no, Islam has always been a problem to its non-Islamic neighbors. The Crusades were reaction about 4 centuries later to the continuous plundering and attacks by Muslims on Southern and Eastern Europe.

While the US is not innocent in its dealings with the Middle East, this should not excuse the wrongdoings of Muslim terrorists. Any individual who commits an atrocity should be condemned, regardless of who they are

If that labels me as an Islamophobe, so be it.


Chemical warfare, training a vast number of torturers and terrorists (including a number who subsequently turned on you), bombing nations flat. You know the usual business of ‘exporting democracy’.


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