Muslim woman shot at and another nearly run off the road in Tampa after leaving mosques

Police investigating a fire at a Coachella, Calif., mosque that erupted Friday are treating the incident as a possible hate crime and have detained a “person of interest.”

Moments before the blaze erupted at the Islamic Society of the Coachella Valley, some witnesses described hearing a “loud boom,” according to the Desert Sun. The fire began just after noon, about 15 minutes before an afternoon prayer service was scheduled to begin, the Desert Sun reported. Reymundo Nour, the mosque’s acting imam, told the paper that his place of worship was “firebombed.”

A Muslim woman was nearly shot Thursday as she left a Florida mosque, and another woman was nearly run off the road.

Someone fired at least one gunshot at the woman as she drove away from the mosque in east Tampa, near Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, reported WTSP-TV.

She was not injured, and police have not identified or arrested a suspect.

Another Muslim woman reported a man threw rocks and other items at her and tried to run her off the road as she drove away from a mosque in New Tampa.

Muslims around the nation have faced violence, threats and harassment since the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, and Muslims in the Tampa area feared the backlash would grow worse after last week’s mass shooting in San Bernardino.

I mean no offense; but why do almost all of your posts reflect some type of Anti-Muslim theme or similar related topics? Just curious, that’s all.

That’s horrible. May Allah strengthen her. I cannot even begin to imagine what that must feel like. :nope:

Praying for both of them

were there witnesses to these incidents?

Had this happened in a Sharia Law area…
…Were there “MALE WITNESSES” to these incidents?

A woman is shot and this is your reaction?
Thanks for displaying what is currently wrong with this country.

It’s a news article. I didn’t write it.

You aren’t reading carefully, most are just the opposite; pointing towards the all to prevailing hatred and bigotry against Muslims.

So what are you implying…maybe they are lying because they are Muslims:rolleyes:

no. not because they are muslims, but there have been cases where people have made up accusations such as these. why are you trying to criticize me for asking a perfectly normal question? if police reports were taken, I am sure the police would be asking the same question.

Very sad, both because the actions in themselves are very wrong, and also because of the larger mentality that’s behind this.

Sad, but not surprising.

I think we’ve officially moved into the Backlash phase…

I think I have read the majority of his posts in the last six months correctly. And actually you reaffirmed the basis of my question. The posts all have articles or questions related to Anti-Muslim topics. I did not say the OP was Anti-Muslim.
It just seems there are hundreds of posts by this person in the last year on the same topics you mentioned. I am just curious why?

My question did not pertain to you actually writing anything. I simply asked why the majority of your posts follow the same agenda?

The topic, not each other please.

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