Muslim women and the veil



I am mainly just curious, not seeking an argument.

I have noticed that some Muslim women leave their face uncovered, while others don’t. Some wear all black, others don’t.

Are these women all members of different Muslim sects or just from different countries?

Are women who cover themselves completely considered generally more observant then those who only cover their hair?


the covering of the face is a debatableissue. Some say it is a must, others say no… this applies to the “colours” in dress…some say it is forbidden…others no…


I live near a military base and many of the Muslim women that I see on the base, don’t wear black, so I was curious as to the difference.


Thats true. It isnt about different sects though.


Could you write a bit more on this? :slight_smile: Actually, I think that the Muslim women I see, who wear colored scarves to match their outfits look very neat and attractive, in a modest way.


if one of the underlying reasons for the veil is to cover women’s beauty and not to attract, then i can see why some consider coloured outfit and scarf as forbidden, because, after all, they attract. You don’t see Muslimas wearing the same everywhere. I see Muslimas wearing tight Jeans and shirts with heals, and make-up yet the veil on the head. This of course makes absolutely no sense. I see as well Muslimas wearing the back thing…it depends on the person, the house, the neighborhood, the husband , the culture ecc.


Thank you. That explains it well.

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