Muslim women 'made more vulnerable to violence by anti-terrorism laws'

The introduction of anti-terrorism laws in Australia has made Muslim victims of family violence afraid to contact authorities for protection, an advocacy group says.

Victoria’s Royal Commission into Family Violence was due to hear from the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights on Tuesday.

The organisation said in its submission Muslim women were “invisible” in the debate over family violence.

This was compounded by Muslims being made to feel their community was being targeted or treated unfairly by authorities under anti-terrorism laws.

Somehow the logic doesn’t seem to ring true. If anti-terror laws force a group of people to hide from the legal authorities criminal activities (and spouse abuse is criminal), then the opposite should hold true as well. I don’t believe removing all anti-terror laws will INCREASE the reporting of abuse of females. Abusers are abusers no matter what the laws say.

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