Muslims and gay people


How are gay people treated in majority Islamic countries?


A friend of mine (who’s not always reliable) has told me that Moslems who believe in a temporary marriage could also declare a man to be temporarily a woman in order to have male-to-male sex


I read an article that in iran two boys aged 15 were hanged in a public for being gay. Could you imagine what the reaction would be if that happened in developed country.


OP asked a specific question about a topic which may easily be verified in published authorotative resources, so speculation based on hearsay is not really answering the question, is it?


I am a muslim and i have never heared of such thing ever in my life. The punishment for homosexual sex in Islam is death.


Gay people couldnt say publicly they are Gay or would admit it. If one i sfound to be Gay i would think he would be shunned by every body and may be harrassed by a few. I am not saying this is the right thing to do .

Bieng gay by itself doesnt allow punishment in Islam but the fact that there has been an act of homosexual sex itself that allows the punishment which is death ( in orthodox Islam and not in modern day muslim countries ) .

So if someone walks around the block and he declares he is Gay , the thing i mostly expect he will be shunned by the community and for some small minded people they will harass him. Some wil lreport him to the police.

That is what i expect. Although i am sure there are gay peopel every where. They never declare it in the muslim world.



What my friend was implying is that they were *deemed *to be women; it would, for those that believe on can do this temporarily just like adultery is punished in Islam, but with Mut’a you can marry a woman for the night and then divorce her in the morning.

By the way, have you heard of the Al-Fatiha Foundation?

Here’s an interesting site…
Islam: Waging a Queer Jihad


You know, homosexuality exits in your religion. Don’t think it is not common. Since Arab culture doesn’t let boy-girl dating, most guys end up experimenting on themselves. So much for the greatest religion on earth.


Montalban is correct. When you suppress boy-girl dating, that is what you end up with.


Homosexuality exists in every place on earth. It is not in religions. It is in the followers of the religion. I think you are totally wrong here. Islam doesnt suppress dating if it is in the preface to marriage. Its called engagemengt. However islam doesnt allow adultry . sex is allowed within marriage only.

There is nothing called Boys deemed women . Homosexuals probably one of them would assume the positive role while other would assume the negative role bbut that doesnt mean that a homosexual only lusts after his partner if he imagines him to be a woman .

To sum it up, homosexuality in the arab lands is teh same as every where. only the reaction of the society is different.



Girl-boy dating was not the norm for most societies until the 20th century. I don’t think that it necessarily follows that preventing male-female dating leads to homosexuality.


meedo, ( I applaud and respect your patience in continuing to post here btw), do you think that people who have gay sex should be put to death? My guess is that you do not think this.


I think conservative Christians and Muslims have much in common in the way they view sexual morality. Its just one area which we can work together in promoting a culture and society which is more pleasing to God.

Okay, killing gays for engaging in homosexual sex is way out of line. Still the idea of saying its okay to be homosexually inclined, but the homosexual act is forbidden is very consistent with the Catholic view.


See this is the candor Meedo has that someone else (cestusdei ) spoke of on another thread!


Good point Deb1. The current dating traditions of the Muslim world I don’t think I’d categorize as “Muslim” as much as “old”. Before the 20th century our customs here were not really much different.

Meedo gave an honest answer Muslims know it exists but it can’t be publicly displayed. Again similar to the way things were here not that long ago.


Is it moral to kill people who are guilty of having gay sex?

Is it what would happen under sharia law?


Evidently he isn’t…


Hey Kadaveri, is this Islamic teaching??


Is it moral to kill people who are guilty of having gay sex?

Is it what would happen under sharia law?

Well I wouldn’t want to put people to death for having gay sex if you’re asking me.

As to Sharia I really don’t know how it would react. Honestly it would probably depend on the country. I know a guy from Iraq and another from Somalia who pretty much think that one is gay only if they’re on “bottom” (for lack of a better way of putting it) they also say this is a common view where they are from. So I’m sure that any laws that were anti-gay in their areas would probably reflect local attitudes.

Different countrys seem to reflect their values in different ways. Jordan is nothing like Syria which is nothing like Iraq which is nothing like Iran. Religion and culture tend to blend and sometimes it can be hard to judge where one ends and the other begins.


Under an Islamic state yes the punishment for homosexual sex is death, the details are the same as they are in Jewish law I think.

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