Muslims are not doing "enough" to fight the Islamic State, says Queen Rania

The Queen of Jordan - in France for a number of meetings - calls for greater attention to young people in the Middle East: if they are not given jobs and opportunities they swell the ranks of Isis militias. The urgent need to create 100 thousand jobs by 2020. The global consequences.


ISIS has been growing in reaction to the US intervention in the area.

She’s right in saying that there’s a distinct lack of discernment about muslims. Muslims will go on and on about how evil they think it is to live in America or to wear make-up, but when it comes to something that’s of huge importance, like opposing ISIS, they’re afraid to do it. What’s more, our kids are in programs where they’ll learn how to recite the Qur’an, but they won’t be taught what it means or how it applies to our lives. It’s really disappointing.

Jobs can come later. Being jobless does not have the natural consequence of turning into an extremist. To be like ISIS, something has to be very wrong with a person’s heart. Being jobless won’t do that on its own.

That’s more of an excuse than a cause. If that were the case then they would be terrorizing us, not other middle eastern countries.

How are jobs created? By businesses growing and needing more help. In a war-torn area with a group like ISIS rampaging every which way, the stability needed for people to be willing to risk starting a business which will grow does not exist.

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