Muslims Around the World Speak Out Against Terrorist Attacks in Paris

Before the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria had even claimed responsibility for the shootings and explosions that killed more than 120 in Paris on Friday night, Muslims around the world took to social media to condemn the perpetrators and defend Islam as a faith of nonviolence.

The bloodshed was linked to Islamic extremists early on, following reports that the perpetrators had referred to French policy towards Muslims and screamed “Allahu Akbar” during the attacks. President François Hollande officially named ISIS as the group behind what he called an “act of war” just before noon local time.
Several Muslim religious and political leaders officially denounced the attacks before the group took responsibility, including Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, who called them a “crime against humanity,” and Qatari foreign minister Khaled al-Attiyah, who said they were “heinous.” Rouhani had been scheduled to visit France as part of a wider European trip this weekend but has postponed his plans.

I’m sorry but this falls VERY short of a condemnation.

The attack was carried out by people shouting Allah Akbar and quoting the Koran
So what are we supposed to think

When the influential Imams from around the world come out against these
attacks, I’ll be impressed. And we know that’s not going to happen.
Tweeting, “I’m a Muslim. I am not a terrorist” falls very short.

**Killers do not represent Islam, Irish Muslim leaders stress **

Irish Muslim leaders have described the Paris terrorist attacks as an affront to Islam.

In a statement representing the Irish Council of Imams, Dr Ali Selim said: “Murder, the most horrendous act of terrorism, is strictly forbidden in Islam. In a deterring way Allah states that the murder of one person is as evil as killing all people.”

Dr Selim said the Dublin-based European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR) “stresses that these crimes can by no means be classified as a just struggle”.

The ECRF is headquartered in Clonskeagh, south Dublin, at the mosque of the Islamic Cultural Centre in Ireland.

CAIRO: The head of Sunni Islam’s leading seat of learning, Cairo’s Al-Azhar, today condemned “” attacks in Paris that killed more than 120 people and urged global unity against extremism.

“We denounce this hateful incident,” Ahmed al-Tayyeb told a conference in comments broadcast by Egyptian state television. “The time has come for the world to unite to confront this monster.”

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Iran’s President Condemns Paris Terrorist Attacks

In a message to his French counterpart Francois Hollande on Satureday, the Iranian President condemned the terrorist attacks in Paris which claimed heavy casualties.

President Rouhani said the death of many civilians in the terrorist attacks caused deep grief for the Iranian people.

He said he strongly condemned the incident on behalf of the Iranian nation who are victims of the evil phenomenon of terrorism.

The President further underlined the need for global efforts to fight all terrorist groups.

I hope we hear from many leaders in the Muslim community speaking out and denouncing these attacks.

The mere fact that there is a mosque in Ireland but no Church of the Holy Trinity in Saudi Arabia is the problem

Here you go from Ireland then for a start:-

**‘They are not Islamic. They are not human beings’: Welsh Muslim leader on the Paris terror attacks extremists **

Muslim Council for Wales general secretary Saleem Kidwai said the people behind the attacks were ‘criminals and terrorists’

‘They are not Islamic. They are not human beings’: Welsh Muslim leader on the Paris terror attacks extremists

I don’t suppose those who are condemning from 'lofty, safe, distant places" (as said in LOTR) would be willing to a) take in legitimate refugees who are PROPERLY vetted and b) stand up to radical religious preachers to the point of putting principle ahead of politics and c) actually put some boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq.

So all in all, it’s about taking necessary action or it’s about worrying who will be sad, look bad in the eyes of some and being altogether selfish.

If it’s the latter, then folks can look forward to the terror in France and allegedly with the Russian plane happening over and over and over until sharia law rules the world.

I remember being called a terrorist a few times as a teenager in London when people knew I was a Catholic due to the IRA. I hate the IRA but they never to my knowledge shouted Praise Jesus or quote the Bible when they blew people up.

When I wad 14 a muslim boy in my class at school would come in and gloat when Saddam Hussein shot down an RAF jet (Gulf war), I asked him why side with Saddam seeing that he was living in England and his reply was “because he is a muslim”.

The sooner Russia destroys ISIS the better.

The IRA and it’s members have an ambiguous relationship at best with Catholicism. whilst most members have been Catholic many were nominally so and there was a strong anti-clerical streak in some factions of the Irish Republican movement. On the other hand many of the people traditionally seen as heroic within the Irish Republican movement were devoutly Catholic although some were dismissive of religion in general and some were Protestants. Saddam was by no means remotely devout so that was dubious position for that boy to take and probably reflected his young age and lack of knowledge.Unfortunately destroying groups like ISIS is very hard indeed.

I hope so too.

If they make arrests in Iraq, Syria, the Middle East with known terrorists that would make a difference and show that they are truly ashamed of what they did.

Why should all Muslims in general feel ashamed? ISIL has also killed and oppressed thousands of Muslims. Muslims as a whole do not bear a collective responsibility for this.

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