Muslims beat Columbus to America


According to the Turkish President.

Apparently, Native Americans got the idea for wigwams from minarets or something like that, I expect.


Silly man, doesn’t he know the Chinese discovered America? They found it right before they started the Renaissance in Europe. I know it’s true because it was in a book.

(Just in case anyone thinks I’m serious, I’m not. :eek:)


Actually, there’s some truth to that since the American Indians originated from Asia. It’s apparent from observation that the typical American Indian racial features are very much like that of Asians. And there was a long-standing theory that American Indians crossed from Asia over to Alaska when the Bering Strait was frozen over. From there, they trickled down from North to South on the American continent. However, some American Indian tribes have refused to allow their DNA to be tested for this.


That’s particularly true with western American Eskimos, who have facial features very similar to some Asians. With Eastern American Indians though, i suspect there is an Asian/Norse blend because of their longer noses and more pronounced brows. Probably the Norse traveled into what is now Canada and some assimilation took place.

…What is strange though, is that the Peruvians are known to have mummified their dead, and there are pyramids in South America. Coocaine and tobacco have been detected in Egyptian mummies indicating that there was trade between Egypt and America, however some scientists are sceptical on whether the test results have been compromised.

…in any case, the Egyptians were a mediterranian people and not Arab. Definitely not Muslim.


The Vikings beat Columbus. So did St. Brendan. So did some Japanese monk(hence why one of the tribes in Western America speak a language nothing like the other tribes near them and very like Japanese).

X group being found to have beaten Columbus is nothing new.


Turkey is run by Islamists.

Islamists, among other things, have a supremacist view of history, and everything else.


They were Muslim Vikings :stuck_out_tongue:


The Muslims also try to claim that all of the OT prophets were secretly Muslim despite the fact that Islam is hundreds of years newer than Christianity.


Isn’t the entire question relative since American Indians or whatever you want to call them technically discovered the Americas when they crossed over from Russia. After them I heard it was the vikings.




So the next thing to come will be the claim that North America belongs to Islam now?


That is how the history will be written if the Islamists ever do eventually prevail.
Ergodan is not an unintelligent man. He is an Islamist. He is staking out the claims for his cause well in advance.


They want to believe that the whole world is destined for Islamic conquest.


Columbus was certainly not the first, as we know Leif Erikson beat him to it. Other than that, this is inconsequential.


Weren’t the minarets by Muslims influenced by non-Islam architecture? :smiley:



shakes fist Erdogan! :mad:




Extremely doubtful.

Asia, the Middle East, Europe and much of Africa shared the same diseases, including those against which the Indians had little or no immune defense due to relative isolation for a very long time. Eurasian diseases arrived in the New World with the Spaniards. Had Middle Easterners or Turks (whichever Erdogan claims it was) landed here, the result would have happened much earlier than it did. There is no evidence that it did.


I read the title and immediately thought of how Mormons think Native Americans are Jewish.

Also, my snarky reply to the claim:

Sure they did, and the Catholic Church hates science, loved burning ancient Wiccans, and used the Crusades as an excuse to go pillage and massacre poor innocent Muslims. :p”


I don’t know why Columbus factors into it at all. He didn’t “discover” North America. He didn’t rediscover it either because he never even set foot here. He rediscovered the Caribbean islands and South America. Why we celebrate him in the United States is something of a mystery to me.

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