Muslims burn 6 Christians to death after false allegations [CNA]

Lahore, Pakistan, Aug 2, 2009 / 11:31 am (CNA).- Religious extremists struck again in Pakistan on Saturday when a violent mob of Muslims looted and burned a Christian neighborhood, killing six Christians by burning them to death. The attacks took place in reaction to a rumor that the Koran was desecrated in a nearby village.

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Reading this makes me realize how lucky we are to live in a country where we can freely practice our religion.

I think if I was only ~1.5% of the population part of me would want to move to a safer area.

It’s not safe for Christians or Jews in Muslim countries. I wouldn’t live there. No way.

However, Rana Sanaullah, provincial minister for law, who is also responsible for security matters of Punjab, said that an initial investigation found there was no desecration of the Koran. “It was just a rumor which was exploited by anti-state elements to create chaos,” he said.

Teh cowards burn 4 woman a man and a seven year old Christian, and this buffoon talks about this being anti-state violence??!!

What it was is Islamic bigotry of the most vile and cowardly order.It is very much a problem directly related ot how Islam is now evolving in the modern world.

Until Muslims face up to the idea that the problem lies with Islam, and they keep pretending that it is something that it is not, the biggest blasphemy of all will be that Islam will for all appearances continue to be the religion of mob rule, and cowards burning babies, and cowards who hide their heads while such things are going on.

According to locals, the police observed the looting and burning, but took no action. “Though police was present at the time of attack, miscreants were not stopped by them,” local Christians complained

islam, the religion of peace, shows it’s violent side once again.

there is no way i will ever live or visit a country where islam is the main religion and the government in place will not protect anyone from violence or attacks by the muslims.

Look at this video:

that is terrible. i don’t believe that christians are safe in any country where islam is the main religion, even if the country permits christianity to be practiced.

i wonder if the people who did this will even be prosecuted.

and this was done after false allegations that the Koran had been defaced?

I hope people remember this in the fall when the annual whining about stores not using “Merry Christmas” begins…:frowning:

It is not a problem that lies within Islam. It is a problem with extremists who twist and distort the Quran in attempts to support their bigotry. This same problem is found within Christianity especially in Africa and India.

Hey, care to back that up? Can you give us some links to news covering Christians burning the homes of x people and killing them because they insulted the NT?


:confused::confused::confused: what in the world are you talking about? i don’t understand your references to africa and india and christian extremists?

Sad as this terrible incident is, burning people one is enraged with is not uncommon in some eastern cultures (Muslim, Hindu and sometimes even among those claiming Christianity). In this case, religion was at the heart of the attack but the inciting event can be anything from falling in love with the ‘wrong’ person to annoying one’s husband…

Wow that is so sad! prayers to their family’s!

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You’ve never heard of the Lord’s Resistance Army or the National Liberation Front Of Tripura?

I’ve never heard of Christians doing anything like this, but I’ve heard too much about Christians being persecuted lately in Pakistan, India, and Vietnam. I’m boycotting anything made in those countries. :mad:

The Koran is very easy to distort in that manner. From the Ayatollahs in Iran through the US backed government of Afghanistan, through Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and a myriad of other countries, the extremists are very much in control of the agenda.

Sauid Ariaba tolerates no churches, and drives Christianity underground. They believe they are instructed by Allah to do so.

And so on,and son and so on…

From Copts in Egypt to Assyrians in Iraq, semi-sanctioned, unsanctioned, or just turning a blind eye, if this is twisting and distortion, it is so prevalent that there can be no realistic comparison made between what is happening to Islam today, and any other religion.

There is no comparison.
Nice try though.

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