Muslims Defend Christians During Attack in Kenya


Muslims Defend Christians During Attack in Kenya

This is the exception to the rule in the media as of late where all we hear about is death and destruction when it comes to Muslim/Christian interaction.

Perhaps, more of this will occur - we can only pray.



God willing.



This story is very good but reading the Kenya news this morning, I saw this, an event I remember somewhat:

** Garissa varsity set for Jan reopening**

The university college was shut after the April attack by Al-Shabaab that left 148 people dead.

Something to be aware of.


And it’s sad that all media can focus on is negative vs a great amount of positive.


Early reports out of the Kenyan newspaper Nation reported only injuries but now other stories say 2 killed. So we will watch this.


Islamists are not above killing any Muslims that stand in their way. There is some divine intervention involved that they were not all killed for their heroic stance.


Can you really not see that maybe some (most!) Muslims can reject their own religion’s extremists by their own free will?


Where did that question come from?:shrug:

Is there a reason why you would direct that kind of question to me?


My apologies there, I read that you were implying divine intervention caused them to take their stance vs saved some of them form death. My bad there. :blush:


Oh no.
My main point was to show that they were heroic. In secular terms, given the nature of their enemy, they are lucky beyond measure to be alive.
If only because there are more of them available to be killed, Islamists kill more Muslims than any other group.


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