Muslims: Did Muhammad Actually Exist?

I listened recently to “Searching for Muhammad” a Catholic Answers show with the guest: Robert Spencer.

I was extremely surprised to hear that there is no historical evidence that the Prophet Muhammad actually existed. :eek:

What do Muslims think about this? Have you ever considered the possibility? Have you ever investigated this? If so, what did you discover?

Also curious about the coins Robert Spencer discovered that had Muhammad on them & on the other side the Cross. What do Muslims make of that historical evidence? Did early Muslims believe in the Cross and later change the belief? And what about the different versions of the Qur’an found?

Of course Muhammed existed. He signed a treaty with the convent of Sinai. His letter with signature is still there for the world to see. I bet it is another silly atheist game, the same they played by saying Jesus never existed.

The question of the existence of Muhammad is really quite bizarre. Whatever, WHATEVER, you believe about Jesus or Muhammad or Moses or Buddha or Zoroaster, the historical evidence of those who followed them is scrawled across the face of history. Without a motivating leader like Muhammad, how would the previously divided Arab tribes transform themselves into pretty amazing armies that conquered much of the then known world.

And Jesus…you just can’t make up Jesus. He is beyond the contrivance of human minds.

Might as well ask if Socrates existed. I suppose Plato and Aristophanes were just smoking the from the same bong.

Remember, there were those who disbelieved that Homer or Troy actually existed.

On the separate subject of coins:
There were coins produced in Christian Spain with the Arabic inscription “bimi Abi wa Ibni wa’l Ruh-al Muquaddas” (In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost). Similarly, Muslim kingdoms produced coins in Latin with “Non deus sed Deus, et Mohammedus prophetus Dei” (There is no god by God and Muhammad is his prophet).

No question he existed, well documented and a very good General. As to prophet of God is where the debate resides.

Did Zeus exist?

That’s what I always thought too! But Catholic Answers Radio had Robert Spencer as their guest and seemed to me to endorse what he claimed his research supported.…-muhammad-7264

On the issue of Homer, in that case there are serious academics in the field who question his existence, which is not the case of those who doubt the existence of Christ, Mohammed, or Buddha - or Troy (I’ve been, ugly place).

I think the more relevant question is, “Was [insert deity/prophet] who he is believed to have been?” and not whether he existed.

One slight correction:

The treaty you are speaking about with Saint Catherine’s monastery on Sinai, was not signed my Mohamad.

The treaty has a hand print on it and it is “claimed” that the hand print belonged to the prophet of islam.

No one has ever said Zeus existed as a historical humanbeing.
Jesus, Mohammad and the others are historical people. We may agree or disagree with their teachings but they were real people.

Don’t Muslims believe that Muhammad ascended into heaven?

This can’t be true because Muhammad is buried in the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, which is in Medina, Saudi Arabia

I don’t know if Homer existed he may have been somebody else with the same name.

Perhaps gravity kicked in and he fell back to earth :smiley:

No, Muslims believe that Muhammad traveled through the seven heavens from Mecca to Jerusalem. That is why Jerusalem is important to Muslims. There is no doubt as to his burial place. There is no evidence that Muhammad ever actually traveled to Jerusalem (though, having been a caravaner, he may well have gone as far north as Palestine.)

Not sure, but Aphrodite, there was a goddess!

You are referring to the so called “night journey” where it is claimed that as Mohamad was sleeping, we was taken up to the heavens on a winged donkey, with a womans head on it and some sort of peacock feathers on it’s back.

While in the heavens he met up with Moses and Abraham and Jesus and lastly with Allah.

There is a whole hadith written up by Bukhari regarding this so called night journey.

But anyway, Mohamad did die from being poisoned by a Jewish woman.

Supposedly the original was replaced also, the copy is fairly new. I’m not sure what evidence exists from Christians and non-muslims in the middle-east from the 6th-7th. If I was interested I would look there. No doubt there were large issues from that period foward. Seems to me they never really ended.

The Quran is a circular arguement though. I would imagine there isn’t much physical evidence, the outside writtings is where I would think any actual support would exist.

As to the poisoning by a Jewess, I find something strange in the story of al-Baidwawi: “Then she took a deadly poison that kills instantly and poisoned the lamb, putting more poison in the leg and shoulder.”

He goes on to state: "Then Muhammad sent for this Jewess and asked her, “Have you poisoned this lamb?” She said, "You have acquired certain powers with which you judge those who are not loyal to you. You killed my father, my uncle and my brother. . . So I said, “If he is a king, then I would be relieving us of him, and if he is a prophet, he will be able to perceive.’” It was said that he pardoned her, while others say he commanded her to be put to death and crucified. When Muhammad fell ill just before his death, he said to Aisha, “Aisha, I still feel the effect of the poisoned food I ate; this is the time of my demise by that poison.”

If the poison was one that kills instantly, how did Muhammad go on for some time talking about it and confronting the Jewess? I think the story is made up based on an elaborated rumor.

What are you talking about?

The Quran isn’t evidence of Mohammads existence.

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