Muslims: Do Christians Worship the One True God?

Catholics accept the idea that Muslims worship the same God that we do.

Do you believe that Christians worship the same God that you worship?

Why or why not?


Muslims equate Catholics to pagans, and technically, not 'people of their book; because Catholics believe in the Trinity. Muslims disbelieve the idea of the Trinity with fury and would likely maintain their distance from this belief at all costs.

Other Christian sects (however few in relative numbers to Catholics) which do not hold Jesus as the son of God and do not believe in the Trinity, may have a slight chance, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. They are given, at least, protection in the koran as they are given status of ‘people of the book’.

Final point: very many different muslims and beliefs out there… and many different opinions between them. Very difficult to state anything that may be taken as consistent amongst muslim communities.

The Catholic Church teaches that Islam worships the One True God.

No we have different Concepts of what God is, we believe in the Trinity they do not,
they do not believe in the 10 Commandments, we do. There is a lot of violence in the Q’uran , our Religion is 2000 years old founded by Christ himself, there’s came into being like the Protestant Church’s came about by a man, in this case Mohammed in 634 AD.
If you want to go into more depth in the difference between the two there is a great Book by Robert Spencer - I think the first name is Robert, not quite sure, but last name is Spencer its called Christian V Islam, very informative

Erm, the Catholic Church teaches that in fact, Muslims and Catholics worship God.

Very well put, we both believe in One God, and that is where it ends, full stop.

According to Shia Islam, God placed an innate cognition of Himself in mankind when He created them. If it weren’t for this cognition and awareness, no one would believe in God because God cannot be proved by merely materialistic means.

Thus, he who worships God, does so because of the existence of that cognition. Matters get problematic when you delve into the details and Gods relationship with his creations.

Thus, a person might be truly worshiping the true God that he finds by his heart but he might be on a path God does not want him to be. Muslims and Christians and basically everyone else disagree on the details and relationships. To reach true salvation one must believe in the correct details. e.g. Muslims believe that the Trinity is way off the mark while Christians believe the contrary.

Untrue. Some Muslims do make this argument, but Islamic law has historically recognized Catholics and other Trinitarian Christians as People of the Book.

Muslims disbelieve the idea of the Trinity with fury and would likely maintain their distance from this belief at all costs…

In my experience, Muslims understand the Trinity as our “associating partners” with Allah. that is to say, they identify God the Father with Allah and then fault us for worshiping the Son and the Spirit as well. This reflects their poor understanding of what we mean by the Trinity, but it means that they generally recognize that we do worship Allah.

The mosque where this was explained to me was one where the preacher deliberately targeted me and my students in his sermon, attacking the divinity of Christ and warning us that we would go to hell if we didn’t become Muslims. So not exactly touchy-feely liberals.


If I am worshipping the true God (albeit imperfectly due to my trinitarian beliefs), would I still be beheaded by ISIS simply because I do not acknowledge Mohammed as God’s prophet?

I’m asking an honest question.

Why would I as a worshiper of the one God be killed simply because I follow the Bible instead of the Qu’ran? A Muslim might disagree with my “path” but wouldn’t he be willing to acknowledge that the goal is the same?

And could Islam ever accept the possibility that a Christian might be living a more righteous life that is pleasing to God than a Muslim who does evil?

You are recommending ‘a great book’ but are unsure of the author of that books name?

1- I do not know. You should ask ISIS not me. I know they wouldn’t hesitate in killing Shia Muslims.

2-Again, ask ISIS not me.

3-Yes the goal is the same. But apparently God wants us to follow that Goal how He wants not how we deem appropriate.

4-It is God who chooses what pleases him, not you and me. It is God who decides who goes to heaven and hell, not you and me. It is God who knows who is righteous and who isn’t, not you and me.

Ah how often has that statement or similar ones sadly been made of that other major Abrahamic faith the Jewish people.

Impressively well said :thumbsup:

All of your answers are fine as far as they go.

The problem, peace, is that some Muslims have decided that THEY will be the judges of whether I am following God’s path properly or not. Isn’t it the prerogative of God to judge my response to Him?

Ironically, Catholics are routinely skewered in the court of public opinion for having made the same mistake during the Crusades and the Inquisition. Apparently, some Muslims learned nothing from that.

Citing the answer number 4 you wrote:” It is God who chooses what pleases him, not you and me. It is God who decides who goes to heaven and hell, not you and me. It is God who knows who is righteous and who isn’t, not you and me”

God! Yes! And I agree with you! Because we can agree that God is all Powerful, all Knowing, all Great, all Awesome, all Wonder, all Perfect, and much much more!! 

But yet muslims believe that a man (the muslim’s prophet) believe that God had to come to him and speak through him to re-write the book of God because everyone had it wrong! (sounds a lot like Mormons …if you don’t know who they are look them up).

Just to believe that thousands of years of tradition and sacred scripture had been wrong and not preached accurately would first and foremost mean that God made some mistake that had to be corrected with your prophet. (BUT GOD IS ALL KNOWING, ALL PERFECT)

Also, that would mean that Noah was wrong, Abraham was wrong, Jacob was wrong, Joseph was wrong, Moses was wrong, Samuel was wrong, Isaiah was wrong, and many many more with all the people living in the ancient days.

But muslims believe that God and all the past prophets couldn’t set a nation right and together!! So one man had to do the job!!

But you will say: “You believe in one man” and if you think Jesus was one man I will tell you Yes! And He is the one True God! “How can that be” I’m sure you will think and ask. (the Holy Trinity…research it “taste and see”)

God made flesh! mulsim’s don’t believe God would or could do that. To deny God the ability to do Anything should be blasphemy.

The old testatement scriptures were around (either written or orally shared and preached) for thousands of years before islam’s prophet.

The scriptures tells us of the coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God.

Instead of being on the forum to defend your religion take some time to know ours. And if you have questions ask an Apologetic that is what they do for a living.

Feel free to message me if you wish to discuss more in a more private manner.

The problem is not just some Muslims. Groups of people from all religions have this attitude :wink:

Yes it is the prerogative of God to judge our responses. Ultimately, on Judgment Day, God will truly judge all people and no one can dispute Him. The reason people judge each other, is that when one starts believing in a belief, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are defined based on the teachings of that belief. Every person judges another based on what he believes is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. In some cases, one is justified in making such judgments while in others they are not. We all judge liars, rapists, and murderers to be deviating from the path of God, do we not? And we are indeed correct in our judgement. But to go around choosing who should go to hell and who should go to heaven, well that is not our business. That is what God decides.

Again, this sounds right as far as it goes.

One difference between Christianity and Islam (at least those proponents of Islam who make the nightly news) is that while Christians may disagree with how you seek to follow God, we will allow you to make that mistake. Some Muslims (and the number does not appear to be small) will kill anyone who refuses to follow the same path that they have chosen.

I’m perfectly happy to seek your conversion by persuasion and strength of my arguments. Why do some Muslims seek my conversion with the edge of a sword?

God did not make a mistake. The words of God are flawless. We believe that the distortions occurred when these words were being transmitted and recorded by the people (intentionally or unintentionally). The Prophets and apostles made no mistakes in preaching the words of God.

Many of your assumptions (that I believe are incorrect) can easily be applied to all other prophets and divine figures to show that they are false and liars.

Be assured that I am taking time to learn more about Christianity on this forum. But, that doesn’t mean I won’t defend my beliefs. :slight_smile:

The conventional (and correct) answer to this is that some Christians have been, and some still are, willing to behave similarly.

If you believe in a God, then that God, and how it is manifested, if at all, is particular to you.

It can’t be proven which God is the right one, if there is only one, many or none.

It is difficult to imagine that, at a time when we can’t prove a God exists, that millions of people ‘see’ the same one. That would seem statistically improbable.

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