Muslims, how can this be proper?

On May 8th, the Saudi royal family placed a full page ad in several newspapers in the USA and throughout the Arab world stating that Pope Benedict XVI has recently awarded a Saudi Islamic charity with a “pontifical” medal.

The claim is false.

See this story:

On May 8, Saudi royals placed a full-page ad in the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Times of London, and other papers proclaiming that a charity founded by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al Saud, a nephew of King Abdullah and the world’s 13th-richest person, had been honored by the pope. Directly under a Koranic passage on tolerance, the headline declared: “Alwaleed bin Talal Humanitarian Foundation, representing Kingdom Foundation, awarded the Pontifical Medal by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican.”

At the center of the page was depicted a medallion bearing the image of Pope Benedict XVI, which the ad labeled “The Pontifical Medal.” The Holy See’s coat of arms was displayed bottom center, implying that the ad carried the imprimatur of the pope.

Full story here.

So why lie so obviously? How can such “taqiyya” ever be justified? If you have to lie to get people believe in Islam, how does a Muslin claim that Islam contains any truth?

It’s a conspiracy.

It clearly IS a conspiracy of typical Mahometan lying.

You are 100% right, Kadaveri.

**I confess there is NO GOD but Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and that Jesus is God Incarnate risen from the dead. **

What is meant by this answer? Who is conspiring with whom?

If you are suggesting that it is some anti-Muslim propaganda, you would be incorrect.

They go to the west and demand religion liberty, mosques, they demand the right of use Hijab in public places

And that hypocrites don’t allow just a single church, or even carrying the bible

Hypocrites, evil people, snakes

First : I never heared of this in any way in the arab media.

second: An islamic charity usually wouldnt be interested in any medals nor from the pope nor others

third: a pontifical medal ( if such thing exist , i dont know) doesnt weigh much in teh arab orld. specially taking the recent speach by the pope in the german university.

fourth: This taqquiya issue , many on this forum need to see a doctor.( Unless you are talking to a shiite muslim, they represent 10% of the world islam and have many divisions inbetween) doesnt have any meaning in islam . it is not taught nor practiced.

This has vbeen explained over and over to the point of overkill. and frankly whoever brings it up on this forum really makes one question his mental health.

For the last time: Muslims arent allowed to lie. Lying is sin.

There are 3 exceptions to the rule:
1- at war
2- to mend relations between people
3- in metaphor, like saying to ones wife that she is beutiful as the moon.

and also one last thing, how in any sense would a muslim try to convert people to islam by claiming they had a medal from the pope?!!!

dont belivee all what you hear in your media , its ful of ****!


recieving praises from the pope would be a step towards mending Islam’s stinking reputation.

Islams reputation is stinking only in stinking worthless minds.

Here is what the English-language Arab and Islamic news media is reporting.

Pontifical Medal for Alwaleed Foundation

Pope Benedict awards Alwaleed

At the bottom of this page of headlines is yet another note.

And they are all lies.

If you want more, just google the phrase “pontifical medal saudi”.

Yes, these things are true. However, I would like us all to remain charitable.

my friends,as an ex muslim i know the habit of muslims and that is when anything will stand against muslims then all muslims think that those are conspiracy.its very strange but its true.muslims believe many lies against non muslims but can’t belive any bitter truth about islam.its a very bad and sick habit of almost all muslims.even many muslims claim that the tragedy of 9/11 occured by jews!

It’s a Jew conspiracy.

It would be excessively funny if some other big American paper did an article about how the Post and the Times got totally lied to and fell for it hook line and sinker…

I posted an article today discussing the gross errors of this award in the Secular News Forum. It was entitled Vatican Gives Islamic Charity Medal NOT. Among other things it mentioned is the fact the medal is one that anyone can buy in the Vatican bookstore. More interestingly is the political agenda suggested by this article. For your convenience the link is given below. There are some posts that you might want to read in the other forum.

Chill. One guy made an error and the others just copied from him. So what’!! mainstream muslims dont really care about any medals and they dont need them to validate their faith for them .

this is about a charity owned by a business man . may be he wants some publicity for himself? i dont know but it has nothing to do with islam . Wanna sue the guy prince waleed ibn talal? be my guest!!

Just because a guy boasted wrongfully about a medal from, the pope doesnt in any sane way mean that this guy’s faith is engaged in acocnspiracy to attract other religions followes to it!!

count me in and all other muslims to vote for waithdrawal of any sort of medal given by any pope to any muslim previously and to bar them them from having any in the future !!

Can this be true? Let’s see.

Well, MorningStar777, it appears you are indeed correct.

Why the exceptions and who gave them? When God gave the Commandments to Moses there were no exceptions.

With respect to the first condition of lying permitted in war; Can you tell me Islam is not in a perpetual state of war with the non-Muslim world since the time of Mohammed and the many verses in the Qur’an that call for fighting? I can reference verses in the Qur’an that tell me it is so, can you offer verses that refute it?

With respect to the second condition of lying permitted to mend relations; Can you reference a pertinent verse that shows this can be applied to non-Muslims? Is this limited to individuals or applies countries/governments too?

The only trinity in Islam. :frowning:

1- at war

The non-Muslim world is called Dar al-Harb (Sphere of War) in Islam because we are considered at war with allah for not being Muslim. So, here we have confirmation that Muslims are allowed to lie to us, the people of the Dar al-Harb.

I hate to ruin a good argument/rant with facts and analysis but here goes:

The ad was placed by Saudi royals in 4 international papers.

The charity was founded by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al Saud, a nephew of King Abdullah and the world’s 13th-richest person. No business man seeking publicity he.

Directly under a Koranic passage on tolerance, the headline declared: “Alwaleed bin Talal Humanitarian Foundation, representing Kingdom Foundation, awarded the Pontifical Medal by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican.”

The Papal coat of arms was under the image of the medal.

The Medal is one given to anyone who has an audience with the pope. It can be purchased in the vatican bookstore.

The picture in the ad was doctored to show the pope presenting the medal.

This clearly reflects a policy of the Saudi royal family. It could be that the Saudis want to legitimize their grants to major universities by making them seem less political. Nina Shea (the author of the article I posted above and the source of the above) suggests that …if the ad’s immediate purpose may have been to cast the appearance of a papal blessing over the growing Saudi presence on Western campuses, it also served a larger Saudi aim. The Saudi monarchy has begun using the model of the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church to position itself as the authoritative voice of Islam worldwide. This is new…In 2006, the Saudi ambassador to the United States, in a letter to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, quoted the king as referring to his government as the “Vatican of Islam.” …The recent ad directly supports this power play. It sets up visual parallels between the pope and the king, the Vatican and Mecca.

The implication of the Saudis becoming the Vatican of Islam is unnerving and has great consequences. Though the Middle East is not my area of expertise, I would suggest that it is dangerous, given the general decentralization of Islam. I note that the President of Iran has been chastised by the Iranian Imams for meddling with Islamic theology and he has backed down on several occasions. In short, the May 8 ad is a reflection of deeper political issues,

Nina Shea concludes her article: * A slogan at the bottom reads, “Two great faiths, Sharing one cause: humanity.” Using its control of the hajj and the vast wealth it pours into foreign evangelism, funding mosques, schools, libraries, and academic centers worldwide, the House of Saud is patiently pursuing its quest to make the Saudi variant of Islam–Wahhabism, with its warrant for the murder of heretics, apostates, and infidels–the Muslim norm. This is the ad’s chilling subtext.

The latest Saudi publicity stunt should not be dismissed as merely a boorish hoax. It offers a useful glimpse of the ambitions and methods of the Saudi state, which deserve to be taken seriously.* I agree.

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