Muslims I have a question, Please


I am trying to word this so it will not end up in a fight. I ask all christians who read this. Please I already know the defence of our faith. I do have a question for the muslims so please in peace let me ask it.

I have read some of your book ( followed your traditions first as you asked) but I am confused…

You say you believe that Christ was a messenger that indeed he was the messiah. Christ himself did say some things that state that we were not to worship him and even gave us a prayer to the father. He also said only god is good. My question is this (and excuse me if it is drawn out) Let us say that he was indeed crusified and did return as it was witnessed to. Even then he said I will return to my father and make a place for you. God does not lie and if he said something is going to happen it does. This is self evident all the old testament scriptures give evidence to this so even if I were to call the new testament into question it would go to say that indeed this did happen. Why would God change his mind?


I have seen you post at ‘turntoislam’, why not post this there?
It seems you like the drama this will cause…:eek:


When did God change his mind? Do you have an example?


My question about when did god change his mind is contained in the old testement when the prophets spoke of the comming savior and how he would be treated and his death. From what I am reading it is believed that Christ did not die on the cross but rather was secreted to someplace else. If that happened then it would mean that God had changed his mind and if someone would believe that then I would ask why Would our God the only one who would never speak a lie would change his mind?



I question everything and as may have read in my posts on another forum there are many things I do not know. The teachings of islam is one of them. I do not believe everything that I read and in fact there is much truth in what they teach. I am simply trying to understand. How does that make me an agitator?

I have no hidden motives, Nor do I harbor hate in my heart I simply don’t understand and I would like answers so I can do my own research for myself and answer questions like this for myself and to do that you go to someone with the knowledge of the question and ask.


You may not harbor hate in your heart, but you are asking this as if you are trying to bait people. For example, you are saying that God changed his mind, which gives you away as trying to start an argument about Christ. Aren’t you really just trying to tell everyone here that the Catholic faith is based on lies???

There are numerous posts/articles that explains this…

Answer this please, have you read those?


I may be asking this wrong… And if so then I do appologise.

I just want to know why people of the muslim faith would believe that God would change his mind as to the prophets telling in the old testament of christs comming his life and death. I am having a little difficulty understanding this belief that all of a sudden God would change his mind. I am not trying to start a war I just want to know.

Like I said I may be not asking this right and if it is felt that I am being an instigator then I will stop I just don’t know how else to find this information.


no I do not know where to find these articles as I am new here. If you do know then please will you let me know where to find them??


Maybe I am the one that should apologize. I guess I did not understand your question.


Try this one as a starter.


no problem, I can see where maby I did not word it right. I was just trying to get the question out. do you know where I can find those posts?


wow, ok I will get back later with more questions this is like three books of research thank you.:thumbsup:

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