Muslims in Houston

Anybody read about the association of parochial and private schools who sent a questionnaire to a group of Islamic schools in the Houston area (who wanted their kids to be able to play sports in the league) and very bluntly asked them about the Koran’s statement about killing infidels?

I live in Houston and read about this, although I didn’t find too much detail. I also don’t know anything about this association of schools, including whether any Catholic schools belong to it.

I read about it and saw it on TV. I was a UIL coach for 35 years (football) Several of the larger Catholic schools have aske to join the University Schoolastic League (in Texas) for 3 or 4 years. Two Catholic HS were admitted this past Fall.

TAAPS is the Religious High School League. They are usually small schools. The Muslims wasnt to make an application for entrance to TAAPS. Since it is a religious organization, they have every right to do what they did. After all they are Private Schools. They do not have to abide by all the laws the Public schools do.

If they admit them it will be another step in saying Islam is just the same as Christianity. Yep, it says all religions are equal.

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