Muslims: is there a way to have a logical conversation?

I’ve recently had two lengthy discussions about the Catholic faith with two Muslim gentlemen and both were indicative of practically all of my conversations with Muslims. It usually begins with them asking me to explain the Blessed Trinity and how Jesus can be the Son of God. I begin to explain the Church’s teaching and I can never finish a sentence without them telling me what I “actually believe” and cutting me off so they do not hear what I have to say. It also consists of muslims going at any lenth to distort the plain scriptures into speaking of Mohammed and on the same token believe the bible to be corrupt. Every biblical text they present I refute with logic and context so the they tell me I’m seeing from a Christian perspective and being open minded. Does anyone have tips on how to actually have a logical conversation with Muslims? It’s like their religion leads them to deceive and twist anything I say in their favor and even if you plainly present something to them the cut you iff and close their ears practically.

I believe there is a sticky “Ministering to Muslims” that may contain some information.

Short answer: There are some Muslims genuinely seeking to learn, and you can engage in intelligent conversation with them. There are others who are only interested in trying to convert you, and you can’t really talk with them, because they do pretty much exactly what you stated.

“Reasons for the Faith Against Muslim Objections” by St. Thomas Aquinas could be helpful.

See here:

I think it’s important to have some structure in your discussion. A while ago I was involved in an interfaith discussion with some Muslims, and my dialog partner and I worked out a useful system: he could speak for about one minute without interruption, then I would get to respond for one minute without interruption. It seemed to me that other peoples’ discussions were less fruitful. Each party seemed to speak for as long as they could, and got angry when they were constantly interrupted. Me and my conversation partner had a much more fruitful discussion, at least I thought we did.

Eh, I have seen non-Catholics of all persuasions do this sort of thing. There are none so blind as those will *will *not see!

I suggest you look up Nabeel Qureshi. He was a devout Muslim who studied Islam since a child who converted to Christianity. He has tons of resources on how to engage Muslims.

The following are very important for you to see. They speak for themselves:

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