Muslims Only: If Jesus didn't die and rise from the dead, why did so many die for this lie?

Hello Muslims! If Jesus didn’t really die and rise from the dead, why did so many Christians accept martyrdom for this lie? :shrug::confused:

Hi Holly,
I’m not sure what context you mean this in but If I had to guess, i’d say you are asking about why would people die for Christ if his death and rise is a lie?

To answer, just because someone died for a cause, it doesn’t always mean it’s a right cause. People accept martydom for many reasons such as patriotism, politics, religion, ect. The act of sacraficing their life for the cause, doesn’t mean the cause is always right.

On a second note, the idea that Jesus didn’t die in the first place to be rasied from the dead, doesn’t dimish anything from his character, personality, teaching, and the high status he holds in people’s hearts.

Martyrdom is found everywhere…many Jews preferred to be martyrs than believing in the Trinity…

Many of the early Christans were put to death for many reasons and not only for believing that Jesus died

Hello Holly. I know it is generally impolite to answer a question with a question, so please forgive me:

If Muhammad was not really a prophet who received revelation from God, why did so many Muslims accept martyrdom for this “lie?”

So my point is that a person being martyred, being murdered, being even willing to die for a belief does not mean that the belief is true.

Hmmm, you all have good points. But let me clarify my question. Just about all the apostles died a death of martyrdom. Why would they have done this had they not really seen Jesus die on the cross and rise from the dead? :shrug::confused:

I don’t know how the apostles died so I can’t comment on that, but I would suspect they have died for the message of Jesus, for what he taught them and believed in, for their convictions. In my opinion, seeing him die and then rise has little consequence on their belief.

Hmm, good answer! Guess my one doubt about Islam has been eliminated. I am going to revert to Islam. :slight_smile:

welcome to Islam :slight_smile:

You know, I’m still not certain I want to be Muslim. I think I am going to stick with Christianity for now.

Martyrdom in Christianity is done under certain circumstances, YHWH’s Word is not commanding you to kill yourself for Him, while martyrdom in Islam is part of Islamic dogma where Allah & Muhammed are commanding you to kill yourself and others with you.

We have reports that just about all the apostles were martyred–that’s true.

But we don’t have statements from them directly (or indirectly for most) about seeing Jesus either (a) die on the cross or (b) rise from the dead. We don’t have their eyewitness accounts–so we don’t know.

So they were martyred–did they believe in Jesus the way Christians do today? That much is not sure. They were preaching his Gospel, I think that much is true, so they were martyred for preaching Islam, as have many Muslims been martyred for doing the same.

Suicide is forbidden in Islam, Sam. It is an act of the people of hellfire, not martyrs.

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