Muslims or anyone please help un-confuse me

I am having a discussion with Rev Graham followers and he said the Allah the muslims follow is not the same God we follow.

So my question is if God made everything and everyone and there is only one God then who is the god you follow? Who made you?


Same God, erroneous understanding and therefore imperfect worship of Him. Rev. Graham is incorrect.

While we Christians believe in Holy Trinity one God with 3 Hypostasis, Muslims believe in one God with only 1 Hypostas. There is only one God, but we disagree on who that God is.

Yes and thank you. This is exactly what I believe too and I also believe the Church teaches this.
Goodnight they are a hard group though and I don’t think it helped that I directed my question to Rev Graham himself.

I keep asking them------" If you believe in ONE God then who is this god you feel they worship?? Then they just start attacking me.

some within Graham’s group, and even some Catholics and some Orthodox will say they worship the devil whether they know it or not.

Generally, you’ll find two strains of Christian thought:

  1. Muslims imperfectly worship God the Father.

  2. Because Muslim have rejected the divinity of Jesus Christ, they do not worship the God in Trinity and therefore are outside the catholic faith as per the Athanasian creed.

Catholic teaching is the 1st, Lutherans tend have the 2nd viewpoint but recognize that this is entirely in God’s hands.

I’d like to add a 3rd possibility: Islam worships another god. In the Koran, Allah questions Jesus (who is considered a Muslim prophet and not God Incarnate) “Are you [Jesus] telling people you are God?” Jesus supposedly answers (according to the Koran) “No, I do not tell people I am God because I am not authorized to say this.” (My quotation marks as I’m trying to recount the best I can of what I’ve read.) If Muslims do not recognize Jesus as God and they believe Allah doesn’t know the mind of Jesus, then Allah cannot be God the Father.

According to the Catechism Muslims worship the God of Abraham,the same God and Father the Jewish people and Christians worship. Jews do not recognize Jesus as God either yet they are still worshipping the same God Christians do.

The perception of God for Muslims is generally different. Christians tend see God as loving Father, although just, but Islamic interpretation is more of a disciplined nature.

Benjohnson: You say the Lutherans tend to believe the 2nd and you are Lutheran. If you agree with the second thought can you then tell me what god they do worship. Hope that made sense. LOL

Graham is spot on accurate - The Muslim faith is bogus based on delusional information from Muhammad

Kenmiller: Yes, they are delusional I think that is a given. So, who is their god Ken? Who made them? See this rational is not answering the question.

Do you agree that there is only ONE God the Father Almighty???

To agree with Graham you would have to believe in multiple gods------so you believe there is more than one god?

The answers were given, the Church states there is one God as professed in the Creed. The understanding of imperfect worship is a known by scripture. To view it from a perspective of the Jews, Exodus- 32 The Golden Calf. The fact that the golden calf is worshipped, doesn’t change the immutable truth of God.

7 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go down, because your people, whom you brought up out of Egypt, have become corrupt. 8 They have been quick to turn away from what I commanded them and have made themselves an idol cast in the shape of a calf. They have bowed down to it and sacrificed to it

Still one God. The point of creation-God, didn’t change the point.

So my question is if God made everything and everyone and there is only one God then who is the god you follow? Who made you?

That God created everything and everyone and there is only one God, as you see above doesn’t stand to reason you follow god as indicated.

Yes, many Christians are of that conviction. I can see both sides (that the Allah Muslim’s worship is a different God or that the Muslim understanding of the true God is corrupt).

Muhammad certainly was influenced by Jewish and Christian teachings. The bad part is that he picked and chose what elements of revealed truth he wanted to believe and added in stuff of his own.

Even if we granted that Muslim’s worshiped in an imperfect way God the Father, they are still followers of a false prophet and a non-inspired holy book and oral tradition.

This is a non sequitur. Just because

(A) there is one true God who created the world and everything in it and is worthy of worship by all mankind

and (B) there are people who worship what/who they claim is the one true God who created the world and everything in it and is worthy of worship by all mankind

it does not follow that the people in statement B worship the God in statement A.

I could believe that a golf ball is the one true God who created the heavens and the earth and everything in it. I could believe that this almighty golf ball is the same god worshiped by Christians, Jews, Muslims and Zoroastrians. I could bow down to this golf ball and pray to it and pay it homage and devote myself to the golf ball’s precepts and moral teachings as revealed by the great and inspired golf ball prophets. . . .

And yet for all of that . . . I am not worshiping the one true God. I am worshiping a golf ball . . . a deity of my own creation.

The fact is that Scripture tells us there are false gods and false idols that can be worshiped even though they are not gods let alone even living. Moreover, it warns us of the possibility of demonic power portraying itself as an angel of light. Even more troubling is that we see how man has a history of rejecting God and creating a deity according to our own thoughts and opinions.

First and foremost, the Allah that Muslims worship is an idea and a concept. That idea can be false. It can be an idea of God that we (or Muhammad or his later followers) put in everything we think God should be and reject everything that we don’t like about the God revealed in Old and New Testaments.

More sinister is the fact that this idea can be used as a smokescreen that Satan uses to blind and confuse people. It is a counterfeit of the one True God, who can only be perfectly made known to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond. I really enjoyed this conversation. Of course I believe as the Catechism states but just have to marvel at some of the opinions.

I am disappointed in Graham as I think sometimes he leads people astray. Oh well, still interesting. Thanks again.

I’m sure it’s just translation, Allah means God does it not?:confused:

I thought so, apparently Billy Graham has a different perspective.

Taylor Marshall I thought was a decent link in which the comments further add depth.

As a Catholic, I’m bound to believe in the Catechism. I believe if Allah is God the Father, the God of Abraham, then Islam has some explaning to do about the discussion between God the Father and God the Son as I commented on earlier. This is something I need to continue praying on because I still struggle with the idea of someone saying their god is Our God when their religion does not act or worship that way.

Yes, Judaism worships God the Father and does not recognize Jesus as the Christ or the Holy Spirit. This is understandable as Judaism teaches from the OT. In other words, they closed their revelation prior to the NT. This is not true of the Muslims. The Koran came about 600 years after Christ died and rose from the dead.

Yes, Allah literally translated means “the God.” It’s like the English word God. However, just because both Muslims and Christians call their monotheistic deity “God” does not necessarily mean that they are worshiping the same monotheistic deity.

Well, aside from a point of ambiguous. How you all doing with spreading the Good News among Islam? :slight_smile:

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