If Allah God created all mankind and loves everyone, why does your religion portray Him as having favortism towards the Arabic nationality, language, and culture?




I am not a Muslim but from all the posts I have seen on these and any other topic these are the responses I typically see:

  1. what about Hitler?
  2. your bible is corrupted
  3. Allah knows best
  4. did I say Hitler?

Thats really what the common theme seems to be.
Hope I could help.


Meh. Why do Jews believe God made a special covenant with them instead of everyone, including Gentiles? Why did the Romans deify the Caesars, or the ancient Egyptians the Pharaohs, or the Aztecs their kings? Religious assumption that a particular culture is especially blessed or ‘chosen’ is nothing new, and not limited to Islam.


You mean the guy from Austria who exploited German nationalism for his own political gains? BTW: Hitler was an occultist. Sure, he was supposedly Catholic - but his core beliefs were rooted in occultism. His hate for Jews stems from his dabbling in demonology.

According to who? People who have an agenda in pushing thier “new revelations” from God? (LDS-Muslims)

Assuming he really is the God of the Bible.

see second answer.


Well Our God felt that way towards the Jews for a while…so…

But I understand your point.


Because the Torrah states this. However; under the covenant we are now under after the Messiah’s coming, Gentiles are also included in God’s covenant.

  1. Because they were PAGANS.

  2. Because it was the law of the land in those cultures.

It’s not an assumption. Muslims are required to face Mecca when they pray. They are required to pray and read the Koran in Arabic. That seems to imply that the Middle Eastern culture and language are favored by God.


Chris, basically your statement is provocative and wrong, though not totally.

The problem is the Quran which is in Arabic and has to be recited in Arabic. It’s like we must keep a Hebrew or Greek Bible in order to have an authentic Bible.

In that sense, Islam unfairly promotes Arab nationality and culture because to learn a language one can’t escape understanding its culture.

If God wants his message to be understood surely He wants His words to be understood in any languages. I know Muslims make claim that Arabic is good for all times but this is untrue for we know that language is dynamic. Not all Muslims know Arabic. So its like they recite the Quran blindly without knowing what it means.


I never understood that!


“Allah” does not love all mankind. He hates sinners, go figure! and loves the righteous, (Muslims), and does not love unbelievers. Very different from our concept that God hates only sin and loves the sinner.

The idea that God could love unbelievers would be abhorrent to Muslims’ egos.



So Chris, no Muslims responding yet. I am merely posting to bump it up so they can find it and give you a run for your money. But, after my post, I dont know what they are gonna use now.:confused:


We can see how God’s covanental relationship expands.
With Adam, it was a marriage.
With Noah, it was a family
With Abraham, it was a national family
With Jacob, it was an expanded national family
With Jesus, it was an international family

His covanental relationship grew to include all of His children.

Seems counter-intuitive that the Prophet Mohammed tighten the tap down.


What source do you cite to support that Hitler’s hatred of Jews or his plan to exterminate us was based on his dabbling in demonology?


One could also view the evolution of God, from pagan idols, to a monthesitic God to an abstract monotheistic God who’s name itself cannot be uttered.

And then conclude that it seems counter-intuitive that God would regress by appearing as a specific, identifiable human being.

The halo is always brighter on the other side of the pew.


God has not evolved.

What you describe as a line of a changing god just isn’t accurate.
Maybe you describe man’s view of God.
I assume by the ‘abstract monotheistic God’ you might mean the trinity. If so, this includes the ‘specific, identifiable human being’ and this ‘specific, identifiable human being’ is not something that came afterward.

God has not changed at all.
His covenant (familial relationship/bod) with man *has * evolved though.


There is no arabic nationality. Arabic culture is not favoured by God. The arabic language is used to communicate the Quran because it was sent to people who speak arabic. The Quran will always be in Arabic just as the Torah is always written in Hebrew. Arabic culture is not favoured by God. On Judgement day God will not favour any one . People will be judged by their obedience to him and their good deeds. islam doesnt teach what you think it teaches .

Demascuc, i thought you knew better.



Well, there’s a new one which explicitly includes everyone, at least. Jews still believe they are specially chosen, however; are you going to ask them too?

  1. Because they were PAGANS.
  1. Because it was the law of the land in those cultures.
  1. Oh dear, so they were. That’s just like the Jews calling you a gentile and saying you’re out of the club – though you seem to be using it in a more pejorative sense much as goyim would be applied to the both of us.

  2. Law, yes, and religion too. Unfortunately I doubt there are any ancient Aztecs posting here for you to question. But the deification of a society’s rulers does show that the gods have preferences. If you want another example, I have only to point to the Greek myths in which gods actively take sides (particularly the Iliad and Odyssey).

It’s not an assumption. Muslims are required to face Mecca when they pray. They are required to pray and read the Koran in Arabic. That seems to imply that the Middle Eastern culture and language are favored by God.

Allow me to clarify: I didn’t say you were assuming but that it is far from unheard of for religions to assume some special interest of their deity or deities in their cultures.

Also thanks for that explanation meedo, I’m sadly unclear on a lot of Islamic theology :slight_smile:


Hitler was influenced by the writings of the German spirit medium Maddam Lavadski (spelling?), who wrote about a superior race of humans. The Aryan race doctrine of nazism is rooted in this idea.


Madam Helena Blavatsky (founder of Theosophy in the mid-late 19th century) and the other Spiritualists. For the record, she was Ukrainian, and her ideas influenced a lot of other people including Arthur Conan Doyle, L. Frank Baum, and all of Arthur Machen’s Golden Dawn society, which included such distinguished members as William Yeats and Aleister Crowley.

However, Hitler conflated that with his own particular brand of Christianity. He somehow managed to figure out that God now considered Jews anathema and subhuman – there are several speeches and essays in which he says pretty much exactly that.


Salaam Chris;
May be if you would quote the examples of “favoritism” we can start from there.


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