Muslims questioning the Koran

This comes from Jimmy Akin’s blog, and might be informative and a good discussion point:

Here’s A Man Who Lives A Life Of Danger

(Jimmy Akin)

I mean, how many Islamic dudes do you get writing for the L.A. Times who say things like:

One can appreciate the Koran’s inherent worth, as I do, while recognizing that it contains ambiguities, inconsistencies, outright contradictions — and the possibility of human editing. This is not simply a reform-minded Muslim speaking. This is Islamic tradition talking.

For centuries, philosophers of Islam have been telling the story of the “Satanic Verses.” The Prophet Muhammad accepted them as authentic entries into the Koran. Later, he realized they deify heathen idols rather than God. So he belatedly rejected the verses, blaming them on a trick played by Satan. Which implies that the Prophet edited the Koran.

Let’s push this point further. Because pious Muslims emulate Muhammad’s life, those who compiled the Koran’s verses after his death might have followed his example of editing along the way. The compilers were, after all, only human — as human as Muhammad himself.

Moreover, they collected the Koran’s verses from sundry surfaces such as bones, stones and bark. How did the passages get there? According to Islamic lore, the Prophet, an illiterate trader, couldn’t personally record them. His companions served as scribes, often writing from memory. Given so much human involvement, isn’t it possible that errors infiltrated the “authoritative” Koran?

In asking this question, I’m neither impugning the allegorical wisdom of the Koran nor inviting another fatwa on my life [EARTH TO THOUGHTFUL DUDE: Actually, you *are inviting “another” fatwa against your life, but more power to you]. I’m saying that Muslims have to get comfortable asking such questions — and not merely whispering them — if we’re going to avoid a further desecration of human life. Riots in Afghanistan have already resulted in at least 14 deaths. Aid workers have been attacked; their offices burned. How does this benefit the cause of dignity — for anyone?

What this gentleman points out is all true, and all part of Islamic tradition, but it is deliberately neglected. It’s surprising to find a Muslim willing to take on this subject with such frankness in such a major newspaper–even here in America.

It would seem difficult to accept a book on the mere say-so of a trickable* “prophet”.

*trickable in the context of the accidental insertion of the Satanic Verses into the Koran.

What is more supprising is that the LA Times (which is almost on the level of the NY Times) would even allow for this story to be printed.

It should be interesting to follow this story. I see that the name of the person was not mentioned in the Jimmy’s blog. I am wondering if it was on the LA Times story. Anyone got a link to the original story?


Never mind. Found the article mentioned:
Do Riots Save Islam’s Honor?

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