Muslims Raise $215,515 for San Bernardino Victim Families


"A fund started by American Muslims to raise money for families of the San Bernardino shooting victims reached nearly a quarter-million dollars in its closing hours last night.

Over the 12 days, more than 2,000 people contributed $215,515 to the “Muslims United for San Bernardino Families” crowdfunding campaign on LaunchGood.

The initial goal was to raise $50,000."



Finally some good news!


Brilliant. This is the stuff we need to hear to get things back into perspective. Right on. :thumbsup:


Good news indeed!




The same day Indian muslim clerics issued a Fatwa against IS, ISIL, DAESH and co.


I wonder how much it cost Los Angeles to shut the school district down and have all of those police, security and others on the scene?


Not sure what that has to do with the story. Please enlighten us.


If one is talking about costs and saying this is great all this money was raised, just think, today the nation’s 2nd largest school district was closed because of a threat meaning a great cost of money as well.


And this has nothing to do with anything related to this article. This is talking about money raised by people for the victims of a terrible crime, ostensibly by the very same segment of the population (Muslims) that is being wrongly demonized because of this terrible terrorist attack was carried out by a very small radical minority of their religion. And you’re trying to tie it in some way to a completely unrelated event in another city. To what end? Are you trolling? Are you trying to make a connection that’s not there? Why?


Not sure what this has to do with this story. Please enlighten us.


I hope a forum means an issue can be discussed and it sounds like one needs to read forum rules if they believe name-calling is acceptable.

Is one saying this is a one-way conversation?

Okay, then I will join in.

Oh, isn’t it great that all of this money was raised in response to one of the worse terror attacks on American soil since 911; there is no room for dissent.


Well I posted the original post so I guess I can decide what it has to do with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Commonsense would dictate that it shows the muslim community worldwide is publicly moving against IS and showing that they too are disgusted by them.

Remember more muslims have died at the hands of IS than any other religious group followed by christians.


Another city? What? Southern California?

It is too bad that once again, Political Correctness seems to raise its heads and some questions and some comments can not be made.


Are you trolling?


Y Usted? What a thing to ask.


Are you saying the entire muslim community should pay for the State’s costs?

It would probably cost the same as what it costs every time a non-muslim shoots school/university students or goes crazy in a cinema. Is the religious community of each shooter responsible for that cost?

353 shootings this year alone. Less than 5 were muslim.

That’s a lot of money for the atheist, agnostic and christian communities to come up with but I’m sure we can do it.


God bless them, a very charitable gesture.

However, it is unfortunate that God-fearing Muslims should need to feel responsible, in any way, for ‘lunatics’ terrorising under the umbrella of their religion.

At least, it may sway opinion that the majority of Muslims are going about their daily lives, just like everyone else, and abhor senseless violence.


And one said on the same day, the Fatwa was issued. What if terrorist attacks happened on that same day?


No, just pointing out if one says, “hey, look at all of the money raised for the victims’ families from San Bernadino, isn’t this great”, yes, it’s great but I would not forget this other.


Yes another city. Southern California is not some giant city despite misconceptions to the contrary. San Bernardino is 60 miles from Los Angeles or the LA School district. :thumbsup:

And it’s not political correctness to question why you’re bringing up a hoax threat emailed to the LA school district on a thread that is ostensibly about some positive news coming out regarding the tragedy in San Bernardino and the aftermath of that attack and the one in Paris. It looks as if you’re trying to tie the hoax to the two Muslim terror attacks and these positive developments in their wake to try and diminish them. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong and explain why you’re bringing up the hoax however as I am curious as to why you’re bringing it up when it’s of no relevance… :confused:


Are the Indian muslim clerics responsible for the terrorist attacks if they happened on the same day? What is your point. Your posts are not clear.

Fear and siege mentality is not a good place for your mind or spirit to be my friend. :sad_yes:

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