Muslims say they will conquer the world...

Very disturbing video; Belgium the largest religious group are the muslims; because they are not affected by modernism, they are the only ones that make kids…50 years they will be the majority and they want to change democracy into sharia, the muslim law…
Somebody forgot something on those immigration papers…
And they are allowed to skip evolutionism in the science classes!!!? How did they do it?

Islam will never be worldwide. You may find Muslims all over the world, but by no means will it ever be THE religion of the people. There will always be Christians, Jews, Atheists, and others who will stand up for their beliefs.

I don’t buy it. If Christians can’t stand up to the modernist secularist government and god-hating Leftist movement…who use bad language and lewd sexual acts…how are Christians to stand up to suicide bombers? There’s no hope…unless I see a serious, more aggressive Catholic Church emerge from the New Evangelization in the West.

Let us all pray for successful fruit for the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization

The Catholic Hordes must be taught the truth - that all of us Catholics are the Church Militant and that we must act like it.

Crescentinus, you are correct. That’s exactly what Catholics were taught before the tsunami of Vatican II changes hit the U.S. We were taught that our faith would be continually attacked and that we had to remain ever-vigilant. We were taught that the very bosom of our Church would be infiltrated in order to change it from within and that we must decry any such effort. Hmmmmmm.

Islam’s goal is to conguer the world. But God has promised that the gates of Hell will not prevail against His Church. Islam will be stopped. But I agree that we must pray for an awakening in the Church to our calling from God. I hope that the Church of Rome’s New Evangelization can be one of the means used to stop Islam. All believers must work together against this religion of Islam.

Modernist secularist governments and god-hating Leftist movements are a bunch of amateurs. They wouldn’t last five minutes in pagan Rome.

The Muslims say a lot of things, so?
Every variety of heathen has their own favorite propaganda.
The Quran states that it is their duty to conquer the world for Allah.
The good thing is that this world won’t last that long and their god is a figment
of their imagination.

The thing about Islam is that it doesn’t stand up to serious challenge. It is based on a philosophy which divorces faith from reason. The bad part of that is that they can use this philosophical flaw to justify any atrocity.

Christianity has been through the crucible of the Reformation and the Enlightenment. Our faith is tried and tested and we are well used to defending it. We just need to keep doing it! As Newman said, an educated laity is what’s required.

:thumbsup:Fighting Fat. Male chauvinism at its best.:yup:

They may conquer the West but then we in the West are incredibly stupid. But I think they will find a couple of other societies that aren’t burdened with the incredibly stupid philosophy of poliltical correctness. :thumbsup:

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean there. Could you explain? :shrug:

Eventually some idiot will poke the sleeping giant a little too hard.

So far the pro-aborts, the cafeterias, the atheists haven’t poked hard enough. Maybe it’ll be the extremist Muslims?

As it stands, I’m of the mind that when this happens, we’ll see a massive change in the demographic of the Church, it won’t be so large, probably won’t have all the trappings we see now, but I wouldn’t want to be on the recieving end of it.

Jesus said the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church, that’ good enough for me. :thumbsup:

Islam believes in male domination.

A little window into a different world, from Attwater’s Eastern Catholic Worship (1945):

“The religion of Islam (“Mohammedanism”) began to displace Christianity in Egypt at the Arab invasion thirteen hundred years ago. Today there are less than a million native Christians, of whom no more than 50,000 are Catholics.” (p. 74, “The Alexandrian Rite, 1: The Liturgy of the Copts”, introduction)

Coptic Orthodox are today estimated at at least five million (government figure), more commonly 8-12 million (non-governmental estimates; for example the CIA factbook for Egypt puts Copts at 9%, which would be about 7.4 million), and they certainly did not increase 6 million+ in a pro-Christian environment in modern Egypt.

So I think you are despairing a bit prematurely, OP. Muslims have always wanted to take over the world, and have made great gains in that area while never actually being successful. Ultimately, Islam will prove to be just like communism, in so far as its ability to provide a utopia is concerned. Eventually, people will get tired of waiting and the diehards will become an increasingly marginalized minority (which doesn’t mean Islam will stop being a threat to the world, only that probably the kind of people linked in the video will be seen in much the same light as the Stalin-fetishists among some on the political left in today’s Russia). The question of whether or not any of us will be alive to see that day is something else (I doubt it; I doubt it will even happen in our children’s children’s lifetimes), and there is also of course the related question of what shape the native Middle Eastern churches will be in even in the near future…but let’s not all rush to play Carnac the Magnificent just yet. I bet if you had asked the tiny number of Copts in Egypt in 1945* if they felt that they were in a tight spot, they probably would’ve said yes, but God has provided for them through hardships and tragedies that Christians in the West can’t even begin to imagine.

So don’t anybody despair, please. Despair and immigration are destroying Christian communities worldwide.

    • according to the closest estimate at hand, Egypt had a population of ~18,460,000 in 1945, so if the relative percentage of Copts had actually not increased but just stayed steady and appeared to increase due to the overall massive increase in the population as a whole, then we would have expected to see about 1.6 million Copts in 1945, as that is 9% of 18,460,000 (1,661,400 to be exact); the fact that Attwater reports that they are less than a million shows that they have increased as an absolute percentage since that time, and this is despite some very, very nasty treatment at the hands of the Muslim majority and increasingly Islamified political structure, e.g., the rewriting of the constitution in the early 1980s to insert ‘Islamic principles’ as the primary source of legislation, where that hadn’t been explicitly the case beforehand.

My guess on how it rolls out.

The majority of the Christians in North America ( specifically the U.S. ) are so worthless they elected a man who has no problem killing babies…
…In fact the Politically Correct crowd MINORITY has the majority flat out on the run.
…Eventually things will get so bad the general idiot will think Sharia Law is a good idea.

Because they long forgot what they had so when when it turns full circle they will lap up Islamic rule like a dog laps it’s own puke…
…The sad thing is that the wacko special interest minority groups such as PFLAG ( stuff like that ).
…WILL be among the 1st to be rounded up and slaughtered.

One simply needs to look at what France has on it’s hands currently, it had to pass emergency laws…
…Just to prevent a full blown Muslim take over.
…Same with Norway and a host of other places.

People are generally stupid and those who thumb their nose at history are frankly doomed to repeat it…
…Frankly they deserve it - the rest of us don’t.

Brace yourselves. The Crusades are returning!

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In Soviet America, Christians no invade Muslim territory- Muslims invade Christian territory!


In all seriousness, the violent threat is nothing new. We’ve kicked the collective jihadist butt so many times it’s not even funny.

The fact that they could become a political threat is the problem. By the time the world realizes what they want, will it be too late?

It’s about time!

Actually a priest came to our parish last month and spoke about evangelization and said more Muslims are converting to Christianity than every before.

I remember John Paul II holding up the rosary and saying praying and doing penance is the only remedy to fight Islamic terrorism.

But on the other hand, I am hearing lately on political shows how traditional values are ‘white’, how the GOP hates people of color, how the young have no desire for religion. What kind of country are we turning into … without Islam?

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