Muslims slaughter hundreds of Christians in Nigeria [CWN]

Muslim gangs attacked three villages in central Nigeria and killed up to 400 Christians in pre-dawn attacks on March 7. "The shooting was just meant to bring people from their houses, and ...


What a world we live in today. :( My prayers are with the people of Nigeria.

Cast out one devil and seven rush in to takes its place.

It would seem to me that this almost hysterical assertion of Muslim identity on a global flevel does not speak of a fervent faith, but of a faith that has stopped believing in itself. They are killing not because they believe, but because they no longer believe, and are in denial about that fact.

It is the scenario of the 'lady doth protest too much'. They no longer have the faith. Islam is no match for the modern world at all. Now they only have the will to power, and a legion of demons only to happy to fulfill their fantasies in that regard.

Christianity is especially a target. For those who have no truth, there is only coveting of what there Christian neighbors have in abundance.

Please see the below story from "TIME" - here are a couple of excerpts:

*The hundreds of villagers killed with machetes near the central Nigerian city of Jos on Sunday have thrown the sectarian problems of Africa's most populous nation into the spotlight again. Nigerian officials claim the latest bloodshed — most victims were Christians, many of them women and children — was retaliation for clashes in the same city in Jan. In that massacre, Christian attackers killed 300 Muslims.

Many Nigerians argue that the real reason for the violence isn't ethnic or religious differences but the scramble for land, scarce resources and political clout. Poverty, joblessness and corrupt politics drive extremists from both sides to commit horrendous atrocities. Although the nation rakes in billions of dollars in oil revenue annually, the majority of Nigerians scrape by on less than a dollar a day. In the Plateau state, where Jos is located, Muslim cattle herders from the north and Christian farmers from the south vie for control of the fertile plains.*,8599,1971010,00.html

Read more:,8599,1971010,00.html#ixzz0hoDo67PR

The religion of pieces strikes again.

I was listening to BBC this morning and they were reporting that at least some of the attacks were by outsiders which has left all the locals suspicious of each other and anyone not from the area.
One survivor referred to the attacking group by initials which I didn't catch and when the BBC guy asked "who is that?" the Nigerian said, "someone who does not believe in God".

I'm certainly not apologising for the Muslims but it seems that they and Christians have been getting on tolerably well in this area for quite some time so maybe it is some outside influence that started things rather than Muslims waking up one day and deciding, "Death to the infidels!"

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I'm certainly not apologising for the Muslims but it seems that they and Christians have been getting on tolerably well in this area for quite some time


I'm not so sure about that.

Violence in Jos killed some 326 people – most of them Fulani herders – just two months ago, and local reports suggest Sunday's attacks may have been reprisals. Christians of the Berom community view the Fulani herders as a threat to their livelihood as farmers, and also as a threat to their political hold over the local government in Jos, local experts say.

Jos, unfortunately, has a violent reputation. Rioting between Muslims and Christians killed more than 1,000 people in 2001, and another 700 in 2004.

But the suggestion that outside agitators may be involved is something to check into.

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