Muslims taking over catholic schools...?????


Well I was trying to do a google search for ‘“Catholic Prayers” Arabic’ and I came across an article from 2006 published by the Guardian. The article is titled “Can a Catholic school be made to convert?” I didn’t read the whole article - but I’m kind of scared. Is St. Albert’s still catholic?

In order to find this out I did a search for it and while it wasn’t too thorough I found this Blog. Talking about abolishing catholic schools?!?!? The guy who runs it Osama Saeed is mentioned in the Guardian article I believe.

Does anyone in Scotland know what’s going on? Can you give us an update?



Apparently this is the website for St. Albert’s Primary School - though most of the links aren’t functioning.



Does no one care?



It’s obvious that Muslims are having more children than us. (I think there are statistics that say we are having less than 2 children per couple. We’re not replacing ourselves.) It’s only natural that our schools will become empty, and Muslims will be taken in.

What can we do, except to close down the school or have more children?

The other option is to convert people to Catholicism; But that’s not new. We’ve been doing it for 2,000 years with great difficulty. Thank goodness for these forums to help maintain the faith for the few but faithful.


You’re missing the point. It isn’t that muslims are having more children or that we aren’t having enough that is the problem in this case, but that Muslims are trying to change the Curriculum of a CATHOLIC SCHOOL.



Catholig, The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against MY CHURCH!! That includes the schools… Catholic Schools cannot be forced to change anything…They would shut down first!! Jesus is the only one who can change the Catholic Church…


I don’t think God was talking about every individual church building or every parochial school - so I think it is a danger that muslims are attempting to take over catholic schools. I sent an e-mail to the head master at St. Albert’s telling him that I had know problem w/ Muslims attending, but that it the primary purpose of a catholic education is to teach the faith. I also asked whether they had to participate, and what the curriculum is for RE.



I do ! I think it’s disgusting! :mad:



Muslims are extremely difficult to convert to Christianity, especially Catholicism. Surprised by Truth?


From the article:

“This is the lot of many Muslim children at non-Muslim schools - and Scotland has not a single state-funded Muslim school…”

Does this imply that St. Albert’s is state funded?

I have to get back to work…I’ll be back later.


Do the Muslims not have an alternative school? It seems like they don’t have an option, but I can’t tell from the article. The best solution is that faith schools should be private. I don’t like the idea of state-funded faith schools. I can see their point if they don’t have an alternative. If the only school in my area was Muslim, I would probably have to home school, but that would be extremely difficult and unrealistic.


We’re smart to keep church and state separate here. What if most of the students at Our Holy Redeemer or Mary Mother of Jesus were Baptists! I wonder if anyone on the board is from Scotland and can enlighten us about the school system there???

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