Muslims To Boycott All Pope Merchandise


October 4, 2006 | Issue 42•40

KARACHI, PAKISTAN—In what appears to be the latest sign of a widening gulf between the Muslim world and the West, Islamic leaders upset over Pope Benedict XIV’s recent controversial remarks about the nature of their religion are urging the Muslim faithful to boycott any and all products bearing the Pope’s seal of approval.

“We are sending a message to Rome that they cannot insult the prophet, may Allah’s blessings be upon him, and if they do, we will close our hearts and our pocketbooks to their extensive line of retail products,” said Pakistani cleric Sheikh Othman Malik, who spoke to an estimated crowd of 10,000 in downtown Karachi Monday. “Our only recourse is to refuse to buy anything—be it candles, incense, Pope Oaties breakfast cereal, Popeshine shampoo, or Craftspope-brand power tools—and, by destroying consumer confidence, bring the worshipper of the cross and all his subsidiaries to their knees.”


Oh brother! We’re all shaking in our boots now! :rolleyes:


does that mean red prada shoes will no longer be sold in Pakistan?


I love the Onion, too funny! :smiley:



:bigyikes: I’m selling all of my Vatican stock!


The Onion is a parody site. Please do not post it as news. Thread closed.


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