Muslims vs Jewish


Could someone please try to tell me why they’re fighting so much? I’m not really understanding why they want to annihilate one another. I mean when I look at Israel, it’s such a small piece of land compared to all the Muslim countries. Why do the Muslims want it so bad?

Please help me understand.


Muslims and Jews lived in more or less peace (with exceptions) for hundreds of years. What the Muslims hate is the modern nation of Israel.

I think the first thing to understand is that it’s Arabs (both Christian and Muslim) fighting Jews (both religious and secular).

I don’t know where you live but let’s say a foreign power came in, let’s say France maybe, and carved off a slice of Iowa and decided that would be a good place for resettlement of…I don’t know…dissident communist Russians. At first things are relatively ok but over time more and more Russians move in, buy up more and more land, build collective farms, and squeeze out existing tenant farmers. Before long everyone in the area is speaking Russian. Russian schools are constructed; eventually a Russian university is built. Communist ideals are extolled. Russians refuse to do business with anyone who isn’t Russian or who doesn’t speak Russian. Finally ethnic tensions with the Iowans explode into a war. More Iowans are driven from their farms in the melee. The Iowan’s farms are deemed legally “abandoned” by the Russians and so more Russians are called in to work and control the land “abandoned” by the Iowans. An independent state of “New Russia” is eventually declared. The Russian group becomes so powerful over time that they just seize additional land that they need for expansion, causing more and more tension with those who have been displaced.

You might say that this is a truly bizarre story, but that’s sort of what happened. You would say that this would never happen here because we wouldn’t put up with it and you’re right. But that’s how colonialization occurred in many parts of the world in the 19th century, and in this one bizarre case, in the 20th Century. The problem is that that this model of more powerful interests/countries simply taking what they want doesn’t mesh so easily with the way things work today. Even after 5, 10, 40 or 60 years, people still want their land back.

Both groups think the same piece of land is holy.:frowning:

Muslims believe that they are the descendant of Ishmael, the first born of Abraham where as Jews are descendants of Isaac/Israel, the second born son. Therefore the muslims think that because Ishmael is the first born son of Abraham and that they are his descendants, they deserve the land as some sort of birth right.

How do most groups grow to get along with each other or not?

Most of us don’t like, or are suspicious of, strangers, or our opposites. But you have to be carefully coached by a leader to act on our feelings against some other person or group. It is my belief that certain people of power have a vested interest in one group hating another and they can feed that hatred easily since we have a natural inclination for this type of division.

It’s more of a political issue than a religious issue, so it’s more correct to view the situation as Zionism vs Hamas, not as muslims vs jews. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the Israeli government’s imperial motives. It has nothing to do with Judaism or jewish people.

It’s more correct to say that arabs view themselves as descendants of Ishmael-- not necessarily muslims. You don’t have to be an arab to be a muslim; I’m a muslim and I’m not arab. :slight_smile:

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