Muslims: Why would God make a revelation that is contradictory to the revelation of Jesus?

Why would God make a revelation that is, in some of the most basic ways, contradictory to the revelation of Jesus?
This doesn’t make any sense, especially considering that Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for us before Islam came about.


No, not here!

They don’t believe in the “ultimate sacrifice” of Jesus.

The Islamic Isa/Issa/Jesus is a totally completely different character in the Islamic/Quran.

Muslims believe that the Gospels of Jesus were corrupted over time, therefore they reject that he was actually God/died for our sins. They do accept him as a major prophet and messenger of God, of equal status with Muhammad (all prophets are equal in Islam).

I wonder if Muhammad considered himself of equal status with Jesus?:eek: That would be one heck of a claim.

That and they believe that Jesus really didn’t really die on the cross. God uses deception to trick everyone into thinking He did.

Well if you believe the Quran, Muhammad was just the last of many prophets starting with Abraham (including Jesus), so he technically shouldn’t be exalted to a higher level, although he clearly is in Islam. Very few of their teachings are based on the Quran, but rather the personal practices and opinions of Muhammad. I would dare say he is held to a demi-God level.

As far as I know Islam has four prophets - Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. The greatest prophet in Islam is Jesus NOT Mohammed.

Couldn’t what you say about the “personal practices and opinions of Muhammad” mean that Islam, like Catholicism and Judaism, has both a written law and an oral tradition?

You would have to dare to say this (Muhammad is a demigod) since, from what I know about Islam, admittedly not so much, this is not the case.

It wasn’t God that made that revelation.

I’m not saying they believe Muhammad is a Demi-God, I’m saying that they mistakenly exalt him to the level of one, to the point of even trying to emulate how he dressed.

Hi BCole

Maybe if you list what the contradictions are, we may be able to assist you with your quest.

Please remember that the only authentic source of Islamic teaching is the Quran, so if you see a contradiction between a Hadith and the Bible, I would throw it out.

Please cite the Quranic verse and I can assure you if some really good, solid, theological perspectives for you to consider :slight_smile:


The revelation of the Koran and Islam is not of God.

Well for one thing the quran seems under the delusion the true followers of Christ would be victorious to the day of Resurrection, but from a bahai and Muslim perspective the Christian faith which Jesus came with was utterly corrupted from pretty much the beginning (no bahai or muslim could in their right mind agree with Ignatius of Antioch or Clement of Rome). The quran would then be apparently presenting something which should be true but wasn’t, that the true faith was preserved when it was all but utterly obliterated.

Second, the quran would indicate it is wrong to worship Christ as God, thus the deity of Christ is rejected in the quran. Now we could go through all the evidences from the New testament (that Jesus is creator, that all power on heaven and earth belongs to him, that he sits at the right hand of the father, that he will judge the world at the end times (which bahai but not muslims reject) and etc. However you would ultimately just interpret these another way, so I want to relate it to my first point. We know the early church in the second century regarded Christ as divine and they “sang hymns to him as if to a God.” We also know that the second century Christians were apostolic and if you are going to deny this, you need to show the true apostolic Christians. How could you explain the disparity between your perceived view of the first century Christians when compared to the second?

The final thing however is that Both Islam and Bahai reject the Resurrection. Now you know what I mean by this, but If I do not force you to acknowledge my definition of it, you will just waste time by saying “no we accept resurrection friend, stop misrepresenting us.” You do it all the time, so I will cut you off there. Resurrection within the classical sense meaning a permanently resuscitated body which is glorified beyond its current natural properties.

These are some of your biggest problems to deal with.

Islam’s pecking order of prophets is based on their arrival. Mohamed was the last prophet and with him came the Quran, which is seen as still uncorrupted. This makes him the most “relevant” prophet, I guess is the best way of putting it.

The books of Abraham [Torah] and Jesus, [NT] where redacted to the point of no longer being God’s true word, they believe.

Shaatri, A. I. (2007). Nayl al Rajaa’ bisharh’ Safinat an’najaa’. Dar Al Minhaj.

I am not a scholar of Islam but some of my Muslim friends have told me that Jesus was the greatest prophet.

I also think that they believe in His second coming

Really…I did not know that…Jesus coming back only as a prophet no doubt…

That’s right. He never was a God according to them.

I heard somewhere that Mary is mentioned more in the Quran than in the Bible.

Mohammed said that Mary was the holiest woman after his daughter Fatima.

Having read a lot of the Quran, I can tell you that Jesus is mentioned about every other page, and Mary is near that.

Why should Muhammad’s daughter be considered the holiest woman of humanity?!

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