Must altar candles be beeswax?

Greetings! I’m beginning a project to recycle the candle stubs that have been used on the altars of our local churches. I’m planning on recycling them into votive candles that can be used sacramentally, if needs be (such as in a sick kit for Last Rites). I had been told that candles used on altars must be at least 51% beeswax, however, most of the candle stubs I’ve recv’d look like they have no beeswax.

What are the current rules regarding the use of beeswax in altar candles?

Under current Church regulations there is no specific percentage of beeswax that a candle should be for liturgical use.

The sanctuary candle is permitted to be oil or wax (GIRM 316).

National Bishops Conferences may approve “suitable” materials other than wax but the USCCB has not approved any material other than wax. So as long as candles used for liturgy are some form of wax they are fine, beeswax is no longer a requirement.

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