Must I be buried in my parish cemetery?

I do not like my church’s cemetery. The land is on a large hill - I don’t like that it’s not a nice flat land like most other cemeterys I’ve seen. I can’t understand how people can visit comfortably - especially elderly people - it’s got to be difficult visiting keeping your balance. Is it ok to choose a different cemetery to buy plots in (like my family’s cemetery (where my mom and dad are) even though I don’t go to that church anymore (the church I grew up in)?

Code of Canon Law (emphasis added):

Can. 1180 §1. If a parish has its own cemetery, the deceased members of the faithful must be buried in it unless the deceased or those competent to take care of the burial of the deceased have chosen another cemetery legitimately.

§2. Everyone, however, is permitted to choose the cemetery of burial unless prohibited by law.

Yes, you can choose any cemetery you want.

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