Must I confess to sins I don't find sinful?

Hello, Everyone,
I married my Catholic husband almost 10 years ago, and last Setember I decided to join the Church. I am finishing up with RCIA, and should become confirmed next Saturday. However, I find that I am not comfortable with the Church’s views on what is/isn’t a sin, and therefore believe I cannot make a full, true Confession. I don’t find masturbation sinful, and would not be comfortable admitting that it is. I also don’t think reading a romance novel with sex is pornographic and sinful, either. In my mind, these things are human nature. I was ready to go into the confessional to talk about issues like my temper or my selfishness, but apparently, this isn’t good enough. If I don’t admit to the sexual sins, then I am deliberately lying by omission. However, I just don’t see what business it is of the Church what I do in the privacy of my home.
Please help me. I was all set to join the Church as an example for my four year-old son. I have family coming to see the Easter Vigil Mass. Everyone has made plans that I’m afraid they’ll have to cancel. What are my options? What can I do? Am I overreacting? Thank you for your time.

Dear friend,

Tell your friends and family that you are not ready yet–because you really aren’t. There is no point in making a commitment with such reservations. I’m not sure that you have received the best training by what you have written. You can make your profession of faith at a later date, should you resolve the sticking points. You are in our prayers. Feel free to write me privately if you wish, by clicking on my name above.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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