Must I remarry in a Catholic ceremony before my husband and I can convert?

After doing some research on []( I had a lot of my questions about the Catholic faith answered; however, I didn’t find the answer to one particular question… My husband and I were married June 2004 by my uncle (a Baptist minister) in a chapel. I know that the Catholic Church doesn’t “recognize” marriage outside of the Church. So, my question is: If my husband and I feel led to join the Catholic Church, is it required for us to “remarry” so that it will be recognized by the Catholic Church? Thanks!

Assuming that you and your husband were both baptized non-Catholic Christians who were otherwise free to marry each other, the Church would presume your marriage to be both valid and sacramental. Cases where the Church presumes non-Catholic Christian marriages to be invalid include when one of the parties is a Catholic bound by Catholic marital law and does not receive the necessary dispensations from his local bishop to marry a non-Catholic in a non-Catholic marriage ceremony.

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