Must my seven year old evangelize?

My kids regularly attend Childrens Liturgy of the Word where they are taken to a different worship space and hear the readings in a slightly different format. They come back with papers called “Growing with the Gospel” from Litrugical Pulbications Inc. that encourage active evangelization of other children. My 7 year old talked to me the other day because she was worried that she had not completed the homework. She wanted me to help her find a way to do what was asked of her, and find a way to approach at least three other children on the playground at school and tell them that “She wanted to talk to them about Jesus.” She felt terrible that she was unable to do this because she was scared and that she had to be “brave and fight through her fear and approach people.” I am worried because I don’t believe this type of actively seeking out strangers to talk to about Jesus is in keeping with our Catholic tradions. Can you give me any insight on this?


That’s a heavy load to lay on a seven year old. That childrens’ thing sounds like bad news. Better to keep your child with you during Mass.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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