Must not date?


If someone will most likely never earn more than minimum wage, does this means that this person should never marry or date? I mean how is he going to provide for a family?


It is a quaint idea to encourage the poor not to reproduce, however, it goes against the ability of God to provide even in spite of circumstance, as the least of us are worth many sparrows.

Matt. 10;29"Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. 30"But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31"So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows."
I believe that any man deserves to be able to raise a family on what he can earn. However this requires a significant shift in social policy in the US and many other countries. There is an old saying… God will provide. Perhaps He will.


I did not asked this to tell poor people what they should do. I asked myself what is the right thing to do in this circumstances. I asked myself what would be reasonable and fare to do…


Why do you think you’ll never earn more than the minimum wage?


Working within the terms of your proposition, I would say that no, a person should not consider a low wage to be an impediment to marriage. All of us have vocations to marriage or the priesthood, and our financial state in life should not obstruct the pursuing of our vacation.

Another note, however: I must object to the terms of your proposition. No one is doomed to live a life never earning more than the minimum wage. In the world there is always opportunity to earn more by working harder and becoming useful.


Maybe you will meet a partner who doesn’t care what you make. Maybe with two minimum wage jobs and the right budgeting you can make it. Love and God (who is Love) conquers all.:thumbsup:

Maybe you will meet somebody who will be able to take care of you both financially.:shrug:


There is a statistic that on average married men earn more than single men. That could work in your favor!


Sorry, I should amend my previous statement to be clear that I did not intend to say that every person has a vocation to marriage or the priesthood, since some may be called to remain a single lay person or become a nun/monk. I meant to indicate that our vocation should not be put aside by our financial state in life.


Please Op, listen to what Petaro says here. Its absolutely correct. I do not know how old you are, but by all means do not waste your life believing the drivel some people spout off about marriage… I wish to God I had not listened to a lot of what some people- mostly HERE on these boards- had to say about making sure you had this and that. I noticed as the years went by that their speech matched that of the worlds- which is Satan’s realm.

There are plenty of Godly women who would overlook the fact the man they love is making minimum wage. Its just a lie that’s out there, to keep the fearful in bondage from even trying. Its the same lie that says that a woman has to be model beautiful to have a man want to devote their life to them- its false. People marry people because they LOVE them, not for some worldly attribute…and if they did “love” them for some worldly attribute, like looks, money, fame, whatever… then I dare say it* can’t *possibly be love, and you really will not want that, whatever it is.

I've noticed that a lot of ideas even touted on here are not of God.  (not speaking of this thread, but what I've read in the past)   They mean well, but its just glib stuff.   I remember a few posters advising a young man such as yourself with the very same rhetoric you speak of here-almost belittling him (I remember this because as foolish as I was as a follower of the group, i joined in on the verbal beating, sadly- i wish I could apologize to him now for my misguided 'charity'.).  Yes, it is important that a person has the means to provide and to be responsible, but no one ever knows if and when that ability will be taken away from them...   misfortune can happen to anyone at anytime.  Even the well off.  So should people not have children at all?   No.   One of the first commands of God after the fall to Adam and Eve was to go and reproduce and fill the land. 

The same is true for the opposite -that you feel you can’t provide now, but you can be blessed with provision later, when you need it. Or the same possibility that you might go through hardships and severe struggle when married in providing… its all the same really, because all must learn to put their faith in God because nothing comes to us that God didn’t agree to/allow. We have to put Him first in everything. This life has tests and trials… don’t be discouraged from living out your vocation because of it. However, Do make a firm resolution to remember there will be hard times and do your best to prepare for them… even Scripture says that this is what God wants- for the fathers to strive to bless several generations after.

Part of what your job is as a provider is to get creative and find some means to make those minimum wages work. I don’t think God cares about how successful we are, but how successful we are at keep trying to do His will. This is what creates character, and in the end, there is nothing much more valuable than that!!

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love. -1 corinthians 13:13


Just thought of another thing…

St. Joseph married Mary.

From what I've heard, St. Joseph was pretty much minimum wage kind of carpenter.  I've even heard him described as 'poor' before.  God instructed him to marry Mary.


Its reasonable and fair that if you see you are lacking in something to provide, either for yourself or for others or for God that you strive the best you can to overcome that obstacle, out of love… love for God, love for others, love for your own self and peace of mind. If you try and can’t achieve it, have peace that you do/have done all you could. We give God our best.

I’m not believing that this was your reason to post though.


Great question, and it reminds me of the thread not long ago about family size.

I agree with you all that it’s not an absolute impediment, and in fact I see men who probably earn less than I do married and with children and they get along somehow.

I just wouldn’t feel good about it, though. I know what it’s like to grow up without much money, and I’d want to be able to provide any children I might have with a fair chance in life.

You never know for sure. But an individual may have certain negatives in their past that might make it unlikely to earn a “living wage.”

That might not be cause and effect, though. There might be something about some men that makes them more likely to be high earners and also more likely to be married.


If you are smart enough to pose the question, you are smart enough to find a job paying more than minimum wage.


Thank you for replying.

I know that it might change in the future. I just have a bad feeling that I should avoid meeting women because I am also a bit ashamed to tell them my work status. I also feel that it would be a bit irresponsible to do.


Of course not! They should pursue marriage with even more urgency. There’s always a chance they might marry into money! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, why does the hypothetical person not aspire to earning more than minimum wage?


Because he is a loser.








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