Must water be poured 3 times for a valid Baptism?

I have witnessed several Baptisms in which the water was either poured continuously or in which it was poured twice (one during “in the name of the Father”, and again for the rest of the formula). I thought that the water had to be poured three times for the Sacrament to be valid. Are these valid Baptisms where the water is poured only once or twice, and if they are not valid, what should be done? Thank you for your help.

For the purposes of validity it does not matter if the water is poured once, twice, or thrice. All that is required is the pouring of water and the Trinitarian formula.

The Catechism of Trent, The Sacrament of Baptism:

It is a matter of indifference whether the ablution be performed once or thrice. For it is evident from the Epistle of St. Gregory the Great to Leander that Baptism was formerly and may still be validly administered in the Church in either way. The faithful, however, should follow the practice of the particular Church to which they belong.

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