Must we always acknowledge God's presence everywhere and in everything?


Salvete, omnes!

OK, this may sound like a very strange/abstract question, and I’m not even quite sure how to put it, so, please bear with me.

Since God is everywhere (omnipresent) and knows everything about us/sees/hears/etc./etc. everything we do (omniscient), are we required to acknowledge him in everything we do as if He were a physical presence, say, of an earthly friend sitting/standing there right beside us?

In other words, when we are, say, in a natural setting, must we include God by talking to Him the whole time, since He is, in some sense, there with us, even thought we sometimes want to enjoy nature in solitude and focus our mind pretty entirely on its beaiuty and the njoyment of it?

Must we always and in all situations as much as possible pray to Him, speaking to Him, again, as if He were a friend always accompanying us everywhere we go, so that we are never to experience solitude?

I myself sometimes prefer solitude and not to have to talk to anyone, but just to enjoy being alone, say, in nature. But, would it be impolite at the very least not to acknowledge GOd by speaking to Him during such experiences, and that 24/7, because, if we don’t, it would be like we’re leaving Him out of our experience?

Or is God all right with sometimes “stepping back”, as it were, and simply letting us enjoy His creation, both natural, animals and other people without Him necessarily always wishing to be acknowledge, at least verbally/in prayer? I mean, of course, at an almost unconscious level, I would of course be feeling thankful in my heart to Him for, say, the natural world, but that only in my heart and not necessarily verbally.

For another scenario, say, I’m talking to a friend and wish solely to enjoy the company of that friend. Yet, again, God still observes us. Even in that situation, does God wish verbally to be included in the conversation of my friend and I or is He content simply with us enjoying each other at that moment, observing and loving but not necessarily desiring to be acknowledged as if He were a presence in the room?

I hope folks at least kind of get what I’m getting at. It’s something I’ve wondered about often and, again, am not quite sure how to express the issue.

Am I morally wrong to not want God to “interfere” at such times? I mean, He is infinite Love, etc., and you would therefore think that I would always want Him “around” (active) to interact with, so I kind of feel wrong in thinking as I do. I mean, I do love to love Him when I am contemplating His Ways specifically, when my mind is specifically set on such matters and I do always love Him in my heart, don’t get me wrong there.

Am I wrong here? Why or why not? Does any of what I am saying make any sense whatsoever?

I guess may be sort of like not always wanting someone (actively) looking over your shoulder or that always needs your attention when your focus is elsewhere. I don’t know, though… It sounds horrible to say, but it’s almost like having a kind of “third wheel”. And, what of being in His Presence for eternity? How does all this fit here? Does that mean He is literally going to be around us, actively involved with us, 24/7 and forever? :confused:

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help and let me know if you need clarification.


I don’t know. But I want to share that, in my experience, it’s better to acknowledge and be aware of the presence of God, angels and demons always and in everything. To be aware of it before deciding or making any action. It helps you grow more intimate in God , and discern right from wrong. You feel happy, your smile by yourself. It is amazing , but if you stop that continuous awareness, you fall behind and need to start over again. I no longer live like that and just thinking about it makes me want to start again, but in the end, I find other excuses so to not to. It’s important to be constantly aware that around us there is an ongoing spiritual battle of angels and demons, we must be able to see it always with the eyes of our soul and act accordingly, fight our own battles.


No - one does not have to explicitly talk with God when one is say out in nature. It is a good time to explicitly Pray sure -and it is a very very good practice to live in the presence of God - but no one does not have to always explicitly pray or “acknowledge the Presence of God” when say out in nature etc.


Why would you think that God doesn’t want to sit down and quietly enjoy nature along with you? I think he enjoys it when his children enjoy his creation. Why don’t you sit down and enjoy nature? When you are done, say a simple “Thank You.” Then you can go about your day.

I think God would approve.


There is much to be said for simplicity, and for appreciating things simply the way they appear. If you like ice cream, let yourself simply enjoy the taste and feel and coldness of it. If you were to think at every moment about how God creates and provides and sustains every aspect of ice cream and our experience of it, you would be hyper-analyzing it. It would be better to perhaps say a blessing before you dig in, or say a prayer of thanks afterward.

The same idea applies to nature, relationships, and a lot more.


I think you’re confusing “acknowledge” with “pay constant attention”. I think of it this way; one can 1: Ignore God entirely 2: Know He’s there, but have too many distractions to remember all the time, 3: Keep an open heart to Him in everything, and 4: Talk to Him so constantly that you’re not letting Him talk. Obviously, 1 and 4 are bad. 2 is much more often what happens, but I think 3 is the ideal. I wouldn’t stress too much about constantly “acknowledging” Him, because just by the fact that you’re so intent on this means you already do. I think silence is beautiful; it’s the sound of God! Still, small noises. So, you’re right in that case, God does like us to admire what He has made. Even if we take a moment to say “Hey, thanks for this”, He’s satisfied with that. But we don’t have to carry a discussion constantly. It’s like two good friends who can walk side by side without saying a word. There is nothing to say, because each knows each other so well. In the same way, we don’t have to say “Hi God” at every second of our lives. (Also, since He never leaves, technically we only have to say “Hi” once, haha!)

As far as the “third wheel”, I’ve never had a problem with that. If you expect to see God in everything, like you addressed, He can’t be a third wheel or even a helicopter God, if you know what I mean. Also, I like to address Him as someone who’s watching my life movie and is the Director - “Hey, that should go on the blooper reel!” or “Okay, that was a good one, rewind!” But He’s okay (I think, anyway!) with us “forgetting” His constantness. He wants us to “act natural”, and if we need to do that by dedicated specific time to Him, but then specific time to His work, I think that’s fine. (If I’m wrong, SOMEBODY CORRECT ME!)

I hope this helps!


Well said, well said. I agree; don’t shove God out of the picture, but nor does He necessarily want to be taking up the entire frame!


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