Must you do everything in your power to become pregnant?

I have diagnosed infertility due to low progesterone. Am I obligated to go on treatment for this in order to try to attain a natural pregnancy? In other words, is it a sin to not do everything in your power to achieve pregnancy within marriage?

We are not avoiding pregnancy in any way (via NFP), so if it were to miraculously happen- great! Also, we have already adopted a baby less than a year into our marriage. I do not personally want to go on hormone therapy, and I don’t feel a great desire/need to become pregnant. I would be happy to grow our family solely via adoption. But I just wonder if it is an obligation to treat infertility if there is a morally acceptable way to do so. Am I committing a sin of omission by choosing not to treat my infertility?

My understanding is: No - you are only required to refrain from artificial contraception.

The thing to consider is that low progesterone can lead to miscarriage. Some women can conceive just fine, but can’t carry the baby because of low progesterone.

I have low progesterone and take a natural version with a napro doc guidance post peak every month that cleans up my cycles substantially, including lessening pms symptoms.

See below.

Yes very important.

In the case of my wife and I the same.

I recall discussing this with an orthodox Catholic Ethicist and recall that in discussing the possibilities --that we *should * not simply not treat it due to the miscarriages …but *should *treat it to prevent such (which we did). That were not in a normal situation as others.

The OP should contact -number is at the bottom of the webpage - ask to speak with an ethicist. (they are who the Staff at Catholic Answers recommend). It is free - they will call you back that day. They can discuss ones particulars (bring up what was mentioned here).

No, you are not morally required to seek medical treatment when you do not conceive, nor are you required to seek intervention to change your body when a physician diagnoses you as possibly having a condition that could prevent pregnancy or hamper your ability to become pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term.

See above.

I think the answer is no. At the same time I would think that if there is a condition that is affecting your fertility, could that not cause other health complications down the road? I mean, most people who have a medical condition would go for treatment even if it is something that is a minor issue.

Are there serious reasons that you wouldn’t go for hormone therapy? Cost, side effects, etc? Or you just don’t care to do it?

I would be think that if there is a hormone imbalance it would possibly lead to other issues too.
While you may not be morally obliged to treat the infertility. I do tend to think that there is a moral obligation to take care of one’s health.

This is a dumb question:
Can you sin without your consent? No.
Is your health by your consent? No.
Could people in the past have done anything about this condition? No.
Would they have been sinning to have the condition? No. See above.
Has right and wrong changed over time? No.
Therefore you are not sinning.
Make sense?

I certainly would not; but then I am male!!! :):):slight_smile:


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