Mute Specific Users

Someone in another thread mentioned that you can ignore or mute specific users. How do you do this?

Go to your profile, and then preferences. On the left hand side, there’s a “users” option, where you can mute or ignore, depending on what you’d prefer. Ignored means you don’t see any posts, notifications or PMs whereas if you mute, you will still see posts but you won’t get any notifications or PMs.


Great, thanks!

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Alternatively, wherever you see that user

  1. click on their avatar/image
  2. then click on the pop-up mini-profile (to go to their profile page)
  3. click on the Notifications control button
  4. select the desired option

Screenshot from 2020-11-14 12:21:33


@Beryllos, I did not know that way! That’s even easier! Thanks!


Also, how do you mention a specific user in a comment? So that they get notified?

@Irishmom2 oh look I figured it out!


You did it! :trophy:


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