Muting as flouncing

Why do people desire to have the last word/jab in a disagreement and announce simultaneously that they’re muting the thread? It’s not traditional flouncing but it sure seems like thread flouncing. Why not just leave the discussion/mute it without announcing your departure?




Possibly so that people won’t continue to respond to them and then get irritated/frustrated when they don’t reply?


I have wondered the same thing.

Or the OPs that tell someone to stop posting on their thread because they don’t like what the person had to say, usually the truth.

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I prefer to state when I am muting because

  • Otherwise I’ve had situations where the person posts like four times demanding that I answer, like this is some court interrogation where they are owed a response
  • It is a reminder to myself not to break my resolve, go back and post there again
  • It is generally part of my overall statement that the discussion has become repetitive or unproductive.

If someone wants to take issue with it, that’s their prerogative. You can’t please everybody all of the time, and at my age, I’m not interested in trying.

I do not request that people “Stop posting on my thread” because this is an open forum, and if someone wants to post on my thread then they are allowed and I can’t do much about it unless they break the TOS in some way, in which case the flagging option is available.


Did you ever mute a thread and someone wants to get the last word by PM? It happened to me recently.

I’ve definitely had that happen.

Yes. I generally ask them to please not PM me in the future.
Side conversations in PM about discussion topics lead to no good in my opinion.

Plus one runs the risk of repeating something read in a PM thinking it was in the thread, and thus inadvertently breaking the rule against disclosing PM information on the forum.


I think this thread has run its course. Muting.



Was the point of this thread to genuinely ask others the reasons why people might do this (you’ve been given several good ones), or simply to denigrate/ laugh at people who choose for whatever reason to do so?


I would certainly hope we are.

Muting now.


I really hope this is a joke. :flushed:


No. I’m sure she meant it. :flushed:


If she isn’t joking I don’t blame her. Those who do this can’t help but feel singled out by a thread like this…


I’m sure asking the question has that effect on those who announce when they’re muting – unfortunately I think that’s a natural and unintended consequence of asking. But I’m genuinely curious about why people do this, or rather I was curious. Iit wasn’t my goal to make her feel badly. I do, however, think announcing muting this thread was kind of funny. :woman_shrugging:


I assume that it’s to signal the end of the exchange and to deter further posting and/or PM’s. Personally, I see nothing wrong with this.


I can see preventing PMs. Though when we mute posts, we don’t see future posts directed to us, right?

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I believe so. I’ve never muted a thread though.

I just ignore people :smirk:

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Heh. Always a good option, too.

I think that some people mute threads when they start becoming circular arguments or just continual repeating of what they’ve already said. As long as someone isn’t throwing in some new idea and THEN saying…muting now…it’s fair and justified. How many ways can someone try to get their point across before realizing it’s hopeless? However, there are a few posters and ‘Tis isn’t one of them that I’ve ever seen, that mute a thread because they are losing the argument or have no actual response to give…that’s a type of taking my ball home so you can’t play anymore and it’s rude or chicken.

The only time I’ve muted a thread was one where I was being challenged on my opinion (which is fine) but it was getting more personal than I wanted to share…and I said so. But, it didn’t stop. I’m under no obligation to give every reason and personal history to someone on the internet so I explained that I had gone as far as I was willing…it was getting off topic anyway…and I was not going to respond any further. It’s the only time I’ve muted a thread. When topics start going in circles and everyone is just saying the same things with other words…I just leave the thread…and no one misses me! :scream:

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