My 12 yr old is a diabetic?

THANK YOU ALL for the prayers.

We got some good news last night about 9pm. My daughter seems to have stabilized. We had been in DAILY conversations with the doctors but they are so happy with her numbers that we were told last night we only need to give them weekly updates and if things continue to look good, then we will go to 1 time per month.

Melen is really doing very well and is very accepting of her condition, with no complaining or crying. She honestly adapted very well and is giving herself her own shots (but we check the dosage) and not complaining about the rigid diet.

On a funny (sort of) note, she was an alter server at the 11am mass Sunday and she made a couple mistakes. The priest is our friend, and somewhat rigid about things, but he was very patient with her knowing that she just got out of the hospital. After the mass we were all joking in the dressing room because she was upset but the Deacon got everyone laughing when he told her that he did exactly what she did about 2 weeks ago in another mass. So Melen felt better after that story.

I really am blessed to have a daughter who is such a great little girl, and who is so easily adapting to this illness. I also appreciate all the prayers, posts, and private messages that I’ve gotten in support of her.

THANK YOU AGAIN :slight_smile:

<<She now takes only one shot in the evening (a long lasting insulin called Lantus) and two pills per day. >>

I was dxed with diabetes in 1998, went on insulin in 1999, and slowly the dosage went up until I was taking 110 units of NPH daily in 2 injections, then briefly Novolog on top of it. Avandia and Glucophage were added.

I went on one injection of 86 units of Lantus instead of the NPH a couple of years ago. During the last few months it was slowly reduced. Last month the Glucophage was dropped, and as of today, the Lantus.

So the only thing I’m taking is 4 mg Avandia.

FWIW, my daughter is on 28 units of Lantis every evening.

At breakfast, lunch and dinner she takes Humalog.

The dose she takes varies and ranged from a low of 4 to a high of 8 or 9 units at each meal. Humalog is one of the quick peaking insulins and it offsets her meals plus makes any corrections for blood sugar above her target level of 150.

For breakfast and lunch she takes 1 unit of Humalog for each 15g of Carbohydrates injested, plus 1 unit for each 50 points above 150. However at dinner, the ratio changes from 15g to 1 unit of insulin to a ratio of 10g to 1 unit of insulin because she seems to spike up in the evenings. Her blood sugar levels will run from 110 to 180 during the day, but rise to 250 to 300 after dinner (and we know she is not sneaking food, snacks, etc)

I am praying for your daughter and your family. I have a cousin who’s son was diagnosed this summer with diabetes. He is 14. I know how rough this must be for all of you. I will keep your family in my prayers. :signofcross:

Well I just got a call from my wife, the insurance is refusing to cover insulin for my daughter to keep at school. They will cover 1 bottle, and they expect it to be tranported from home to school and back home every day. The problem is the doctors just prescribed the Humalog “pen” dispenser for my daughter to use (and keep in the nurses office) at the school and traditional syringe injects at home. So we just paid $180 for the Humalog “pen” for school, which starts tomorrw.

I’ll be presenting a bill to my agent and hopefully he will work for me to get this covered?

Bascially the insurance company will cover 1 or the other method, but not both. So maybe we will end up using the “pen” method at home too?

Do we have to love insurance companies? :shrug: As much trouble as they are, I’m still glad to have them :thumbsup:

Being a South Australian, it is jolly difficult to impossible to understand your systems over there - it really is. But I did note and was very impressed by your attitude:

Do we have to love insurance companies? :shrug: As much trouble as they are, I’m still glad to have them :thumbsup:

I will keep your daughter in my intentions tonight and continue to keep the whole situation in prayer.

Blessings and regards…Barb:)

Praying for your daughter and your family. You have many learning experiences ahead of you all. God keep you and bless you.

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