My 9 year old daughter asked her catechist to explain the Procession of the Holy Ghost

Depends on the grade.

But unless we were currently discussing that line of the creed, I would not have assumed she meant what you say she did.

Yes, they had reached that part of the Creed.

If you weren’t criticizing the catechist, what was the point of your thread?

At no point have you indicated you understood your daughter’s question might have been phrased poorly, or that you understood the catechist’s answer was reasonable.

Absent that, it seem to have led other readers than I to infer you were being critical of the catechist.

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That is an argument from silence which it is inappropriate of you to make.

Then again, what was the point of your thread?


Cool story, Bro.

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So why didn’t your daughter correct the teacher? Say, “No, I meant based on what we were discussing?”

I also wonder what the teacher said about it. If they were going over it, and teaching about it, did your daughter miss what was said? Or were they just reciting it? If it was just reciting, I would have figured that it was just another question to get us off track.

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