My acquaintances receiving communion illicitly

I have acquaintances who I do not meet very often, maybe once a year, maybe a couple of times. They are married and one of them is Catholic, another is Lutheran. The Catholic party had not practiced the faith for a long time. For now, they live near a Catholic parish, which they attend regularly. I heard recently that they both receive communion at both churches, and that the pastor of the Catholic parish had approved it. The pastor had allegedly told them that the Lutheran party can receive all sacraments there if they wish. They told me that they are not actually very much into the Catholic faith, and intend to bring up any children as Lutheran.
I could not think of anything to say. Should I do something the next time I meet them?

Pray for them. Supposedly, they asked permission for the Lutheran party, so what can you say, except that you think they are receiving illicitly.

The Catholic church does not recognize the validity of Lutheran ordination, therefore, what Lutheran’s call communion is not the sacrament of Holy Eucharist, io NO, a Catholic may not partake in their communion.

Non-Catholics may not receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist.

Your friends either misunderstood, or were misinformed.

This is a very common occurrence and I have no idea how it will ever change. Is this the future of our Church? The places where the Truths are “bent” are not isolated.

I wonder if there was a misunderstanding. We never know what was said between a priest and the other party. They can receive ALL Sacraments.

I highly doubt that.

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