My addiction is wearing me down


Hello - and Happy Thanksgiving,

Let me start this post on a positive note by saying that the Lord has truly blessed me this year with health, happiness, a wonderful family and friends, in addition to knowledge and the chance to come back into the Church in order to grow closer to Him. My father asked me to say grace at the table this afternoon, which was a special grace since it illustrated to me that other people see that I have grown incredibly close to the Lord.

However, the negative side of this post is just to say that my addiction to masturbation is wearing me down. :wink: Now, while I’ve not actually committed the sin in several weeks now, the temptations have become particularily stronger. It seems that even the slightest things cause me to become aroused. Sadly, I can barely look at a pretty girl who is dressed modestly without becoming aroused in some way. Other thoughts are not so modest, I’ll admit, but they have a way of sneaking up on me after indulging in them for so long, so I have to catch myself and think immediately of our Lord or our Mother. At times, I have to isolate myself and pray as fervently as I can. All in all, though, I am succeeding. God be praised! It’s hard, though – very hard!


You sound like a normal male trying to live His faith. :slight_smile: Congratulations on being chaste for weeks. That’s awesome. :thumbsup: You are definitely making some serious progress in the spiritual life. Just know that as you continue to make progress, your ability to fight sexual temptations with God’s grace will grow stronger and stronger. It won’t always be such a struggle as it is in the beginning. So take heart that as progress is made, things will get easier for you. At least that’s been my experience throughout the years.


Hey, E - that whole post is a positive note! Let’s see, you’ve committed to avoiding sin, you’ve been tempted, and with God’s grace, you overcame the temptation. It is difficult at first, but it will get easier over time.


Sometimes it help to verbalize it, as you so elegantly have. Stick to your plans of using prayer and being on guard. The desire to commit this sin will eventually diminish.

BTW, I love your St. Gemma prayer book, not real familiar with this Saint, but I will definitely know more about her thanks to your link…:thumbsup:


You will do this your entire life, at least once in a while. Try to accept that fact. Now, that having been said, try to control it, such that you don’t feel addicted. The body was made that way.


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