My anecdote is in the May issue of Reader's Digest!

Hey, everyone (I'm pinging off the walls here!) I submitted a funny anecdote to Reader's Digest (a loooong time ago!) and I received a check in the mail and notice that it made the May issue! Page 176, bottom of the page, in the orange circle. Enjoy!

Cool :) What is it?

It reads: Overheard in ladies' fitting room: "Honestly, do these pants make my rear end look big?" "Honestly? Your rear end makes the pants look big!"

Yes, it really happened, over a year ago when I was shopping with my sister! I just KNEW I had to send it to RD... and it took almost a year for me to hear that they had selected it!

Congrats! That's a good one. :)

That's funny! Good job, bluerose!

How fun! Good for you; it's hard to get anything printed in Reader's Digest, so this must have really touched their funny bones! :)

:rotfl: haha! That's great :) And even better that it's a true story!

Yes, although I had to, uh, "edit" the actual words said (they didn't say "rear end", they used a much--shorter--word), but I still remember my shock at overhearing the conversation, then trying to hold in my laughter, then my sister coming out of her cubicle and asking "What's so funny?" and me hauling her out to the mall so I could tell her!

This is actually the second time they've printed one of my funny anecdotes... the first time was in the October 1998 issue. Back then they paid much better ($250) than they do now (I got $100 this time). No one gets rich submitting to RD! But it's still pretty cool!

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